Who is my mother?

As a child, I spake as a child. I thought as a child. I acted as a child. I believed as a child. And one of my favorite children’s books to read to my own children when they were small was “Are You My Mother?” by “Dr. Seuss” (Theodor Seuss Geisel). While this blog isn’t necessarily to solely champion the unity and equality taught in some Seuss works, it is important to illustrate that the formation of ideals and values begins early during the formative years in our children’s hearts and minds. If nothing else, the “good Dr.” understood and conveyed the nuance of subliminal messages well.

I imagine my children outside the front door as I hear a knock. I open the door and look down and there they stand asking me this simple question. (Are you my mother?) The answer of course, is a very loving “Yes.”

Even without a human Seuss-ian model from which to glean, Yahusha spent his formative years teaching the “sad” doctors of the temples and synagogues about the wisdom and mercy of the Law they thought they understood. He had his Father’s Spirit of wisdom and the government upon his shoulders. The leaders in Yahusha’s day searched the Scriptures, and in them thought they had eternal life. They didn’t. Yahusha came to give them the proper interpretation. They were following their own seers and sayers and were making a real Seussian tongue twisting work of things.

Luke 2:46 – And it came to pass, that after three days they found him in the temple, sitting in the midst of the doctors, both hearing them, and asking them questions.

The Scriptures are where we ought to focus our own and our childrens’ eyes today. Instead of reading “grim” stories and flighty fairy tales, or watching cartoons with empty-headed messages of man, we should be reading the Word to our children and explaining its pictures in the simplest terms by the leading of the Holy Spirit. We are to train our children up in the way they should go, so that they will not depart from it.

That way, truth and life is the Gospel of Yahusha, the Everlasting Gospel of obedience to the Love of the Laws of Yahuah and the wisdom of his Mercy. It is in this dual-role of belief and action which brings about true Justice and Peace. It’s the image of the true love of the Father and the Mother in Messiah for their sons and daughters, their little children. The Father and Mother are One, just as the Son is One and we are to be One in him and in them. Children are to honor their parents as we are to honor ours in Heaven.

While this may sound a bit cryptic at this juncture, it’s only because we as a body of believers have not yet been handed the keys to the Kingdom in the fullness of the Gospel accounts. We’re still on bicycles with training wheels or are juveniles in driver’s education class. For millenniums man has been translating and interpreting the Word as he sees fit, while supposedly Spirit-led. Sometimes that spirit was not of the Father, the Holy One of Israel. Other times it most assuredly was, although how that Word is communicated develops over time through a process of spiritual progressive revelation, which is how we learn and grow in the Word.

If we seek, we can find and see the division of the Everlasting Gospel into two “seasons” (priesthoods) in the Bible. The early season is seen in the “Old” Testament books of the Tanakh (first five books of “Moses” and the writings and prophets). Its highlight is the Levitical altar system of animal sacrifices and the ritual of tithing of the produce, animals, and goods of the land that are made by the works of the peoples’ hands. The Old Testament books outline the wisdom and application of the Love and Mercy of the Laws of Yahuah in delicate detail.

They also prophesy of the coming Messiah who emerges like a seed from beneath generations of Levitical priests who prepared the soil to receive his seeds of righteousness. His priesthood is the Melchizedek season, which is in itself, divided into two harvest seasons (Spring and Summer). It too has its own system of truly tithing that looks very little like what men and women leaders are teaching in pulpits or synagogues today. But man gets stuck in ritual traditions and interpretations and their own priesthoods and ministries and ideas and opinions of how the Law and the Messiah and even tithing should be seen and practiced. Therefore the true gospel of our beloved Messiah remains largely unseen and his seeds of righteousness scattered amongst rocks and briars. They can’t find the good ground because it is largely nowhere to be found.

The Love of the Father and the wisdom and heart of the Mother are why the Son was sent to give himself as a sacrifice for our sins. Yahusha described the mindset and hearts of men so eloquently during his hours of unspeakable pain:

“Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

We don’t have any idea what we are doing. We never have. We just think we do. Foolish men didn’t see the Savior who was standing right in front of them when he came (and left). They were worldly. They were selfish. They were afraid they would lose their power, their authority, their social status, their income, their chief seats. What they needed was the Mercy Seat of the Chief.

That seat comes by way of the Ark of the Covenant. It’s the mother’s womb, the lifting up of the body on the serpent’s pole that brought forth healing from the womb, the One child who would redeem everyone. It’s the same gospel. It’s just packaged in a slightly different manner. It’s still ice cream. It just tastes like a new flavor.

There is a decidedly different flavor of the Word found in the “New” Testament books when compared to the Old. And yet the new is merely a continuation of the same “Old” Covenant, the same Testament, the same Covenant of Promise. He just changes his appearance (is renewed) for those who have eyes to see how he comes to light. Where he was once concealed underground like a newly planted seed, by his Spirit he now emerges into the light of today that has finally shined upon the prepared ground under the loving husbandry and hands of the Spirit of the Word.

The Messiah lives! In the New Testament and even today we can see the Word repeatedly announce the highlights of Yahusha’s ministry on this Earth, and his birth, death, resurrection and ascension and sending of his Spirit at Shavuot/Pentecost. That Holy Spirit is still with us and moving today, only today he desires to pour out his Spirit in a double blessing. That is good news! But that’s not just for reading. We are to be the testament of Yahusha. We are to spread the gospel of good news. We are to be believers and doers of the Word, the Laws.

What most people don’t realize is that the way the New Testament is constructed is highly purposed. It isn’t just the babblings of random men without a centralized goal, even when its books are written at different periods and added to and taken away from over centuries. In each book that survives, we see details of the crucifixion and resurrection and key players in Yahusha’s passionate drama unfold exactly as Father desires for us to see them.

Most of those purposes remain hidden for treasure hunters great and small to unearth in these latter days. The Spirit of the One who wrote the gospel accounts is already upon us! Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is truly at hand. We’ll be learning how to truly tithe, how to truly love one another and how to truly love him, the only One who created all things.

For the One who holds the keys of wisdom and understanding by the Spirit of Revelation, it is easy to see that the two divided and subdivided priesthoods fit together like a three-part epic television miniseries we can’t wait to watch. Or more simply, a great holy and mysterious puzzle whose pieces are handed to us One at a time by the Master of creative mysteries.

So far we have taught ourselves that it is up to us to construct the image we believe Messiah and Salvation should resemble. We don’t even truly know or see the Messiah or the Kingdom we are trying to build. Most people can’t see it, especially those caught up in the old traditions and doctrines of men and their religions. They don’t have the full picture. They only think they do. We need to seek his face and ask him the questions and knock on his door. If we do this, he’ll answer in his wisdom and timing in a way that leads to the answers to all questions. He gives his interpretation in these latter days.

The bottom line for all of us, no matter our location or era, is that the question remains.

“Are You My Mother?”

As we ponder these simple words, the answers will unfold before our eyes as we search out the Word, the Scriptures in our modern Bibles whether they are Torah scrolls, printed pages or digitally displayed on the invisible highway of communication we know of as the internet; that great web of duality, where light and darkness, and ones and zeros meet in the universal mental horticultural storehouse of some invisible international space station. I love outer space. But it’s the inner spaces we really need to attend to.

That’s our realm. That’s our priesthood. We are to perfect the saints in their hearts and minds and transform their beliefs and their vision by the Spirit of the One in today’s times using small mediums at large. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist). I don’t mean “mediums” like those we’ve seen on television, as in demonic spirit chasers. I mean mediums as in technological tools in the hands of Holy Spirit seekers of Truth of the One, the Light of the World, Messiah Yahusha.

The world and the internet, is a very dark place. It’s time we change the channel! We are to be the lamps of light, the city on the hill. We’re hiding our lamps under the bed. We don’t have any anointing oil. We’re afraid of what people will say or do to us if we speak out.

Abraham, the father of righteousness was afraid when he encountered King Abimelech (meaning “Father King”) when entering Gerar (“sojourning”). The king took Sarah (Abraham told him that she was his sister, in order to preserve them both because she was lovely). Seen as gift bearers, the king would favor them. But seen as a duo with a beautiful woman to conquer, the king would slay Abraham. What Abraham did was conceal the truth. It was wisdom on his part, which they did to preserve the Word, which would itself come out of their loins in due season.

Genesis 20:2 – And Abraham said of Sarah his wife, She is my sister: and Abimelech king of Gerar sent, and took Sarah.

The same thing happened a second time when they sojourned in Egypt. And for two priesthood seasons the Word has been similarly preserved under the guise of “religions” of men. But today we’re in the latter season and it’s time for all truths to be revealed and all Truth in Messiah to be revealed like Joseph’s amazing technicolored “dream” coat of many colors that disguised the true meaning of his prophecies.  Another prophet named Job had this to say about self-preservation and corrupt kings:

Job 17:14 – I have said to corruption, Thou art my father: to the worm, Thou art my mother, and my sister.

Job was a wise man. We were shaped in iniquity through the corruption of our fathers, our kings, our heads of the household, our religious leaders, and the head of the family in the Garden of Eden. And kings and the men they employ have translated and shaped the Everlasting Gospel into the twisted tale of the serpent that tempted “Adam” in the garden. There the first man sinned and the woman was deceived into sin. She lacked wisdom that the man knew but he didn’t share with her.

Their choice to eat of the forbidden fruit to gain wisdom cost them and their descendants their eternal life. And today we refuse to cast off doctrines of men in favor of religions and beliefs and our own wisdom and customs and traditions and interpretations of the Word without Messiah’s interpretations and wisdom. As in Moses’ day, we’ve inserted a mediator between our Elohim and ourselves. We believe Yahusha came to do away with the Law and to take care of everything so that we have nothing to worry about. I wouldn’t bet my wages on that chariot, but I would bet my life on that chariot driver.

The wages of sin is death. The worm, the symbol of death and disintegration of the soil even today tells us wisely that we must die to ourselves in order to do the will of the Father. We are not in control of “our” lives and we have no power over the One who created us. We must repent and turn toward him. It is him we must Shema.

That lowly worm is also the key to understanding how we return to the Father. We don’t wiggle out of things. We go in and get dirty. We bring up old things and cause them to come into the light, to repent. We prepare the soil and clear away all things dead and dying, including old teachings, old beliefs, old prejudices, old doctrines and traditions of men. Then we crawl through the dung heap and come out into the light and the latter rain ourselves and get refreshed by the Spirit of the One.

Once refreshed by the Spirit of Yahusha, our blind eyes and blind guides will open to the truth in the Word, which is that Yahusha is the Law. He is obedience. He is the tithe and he is truth. He is the Everlasting Gospel. And we still must tithe, but that tithing is not by the doctrines of men. It’s the Land Tithe gospel that he is bringing forth for us today. By his Spirit he is still working the land, only now he is sowing his seeds of righteousness into the hearts and minds of believers and they will believe and DO the tithe, the Gospel of Yahuah, in the manner he instructs them to do it: with Love.

As people, we remodel our homes when they no longer work as designed and our families grow. So must we remodel our own hearts and minds (soil) as we learn and grow in Messiah through his Word to prepare to receive the seeds he is coming to plant within us.

We learn of the Messiah and of the land we live in through the Everlasting Gospel of Yahuah. It’s the Land Tithe gospel of the latter days that will soon be revealed to teach his people how to properly cultivate the Love of the Father for his creation. The teacher will no longer be the “wise” men and women in the land who stand in pulpits and trading pits or on hilltops or in the bowels of gothic cathedrals. Those who remain in those fortresses will have to remodel their gospel, remodel their methods, tear down their manmade teachings and doctrines on “tithing” and “faith” and “grace” and teach the revelations of the Word by the Spirit of the Word that will be poured out onto all flesh who are believers in Messiah. That brings us back to our question.

Yahusha was asked the question and he answered.

Matthew 12:48 – But he answered and said unto him that told him, Who is my mother? and who are my brethren?

Matthew 12:49 – And he stretched forth his hand toward his disciples, and said, Behold my mother and my brethren!

Matthew 12:50 – For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother.

If we return to him as a little child and simply do the will of the One who sent his Son, his Word, who will teach us his Word by his interpretation, we will allow him to plant the seeds of righteousness in our good ground once we are properly prepared to receive those seeds. And we will become his mother and sister and brother. The questions we should therefore be asking one another are:

“Are you my mother?”

“Are you my sister?”

“Are you my brother?”

“Am I a mother, sister or brother?”

We have only One Father. He is Yahuah. We have only One teacher. He is Yahusha, the Word of the Father. We have only One gospel, the Everlasting Gospel of the Love of the Law and the wisdom in the Mercy of the Law. It is a gospel of unity, a gospel of One, a gospel of obedience and love of the Law and the wisdom of Mercy in the Law. It is the Gospel of Peace. That is using good judgment. That is wisdom. We are to Shema.

Repent of the wisdom of men.

Believe the Law and do the Law of Love, the Gospel of Grace, the Gospel of Peace, the Gospel of Truth, the Everlasting Gospel. It is the Land Tithe gospel. Receive the Word by the anointing on the mother who gives his interpretations by his Spirit today. It is his gospel. It’s the same in the end as it was in the beginning and shall be for eternity for those who Love Truth.

Then you’ll know who is your mother.

You won’t conceal her truth like Abraham. You won’t seek her wisdom in children’s stories of men. You’ll seek her love in Yahuah’s stories to his children. You’ll be reading the Book, the ultimate “Ebook,” the Everlasting Gospel of Messiah. And you’ll be known by your choice fruit, the fruit of the Spirit of the One who brings his revelations.

Choose wisely.

Shema Israel.
Yahuah is Our Elohim.
Yahuah is One.


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