Tricks for kids and signs of the times

Yesterday I saw two helicopters flying over our house, going in opposite directions. It’s not unusual for one helicopter to fly by, but two at the same time was a bit odd. I watched for a few minutes and then pondered the matter in my heart, like the good mother Mary did. Now today I sit writing to you. It’s well past noon day on the morrow after the Sabbath which precedes the first biblical Spring feast of the Hebrew calendar year. Wow, say that three times fast.

I’m not taking about the “Jewish” calendar year. I’m talking about the Hebrew calendar year. It isn’t a church calendar. It isn’t a worldly calendar. It’s the Creators’ calendar. You know, the One who made all things and who loved the world so much that he gave his only Son to be our Messiah?

The festival of Pesach, or Passover this year is not so coincidentally spiritually superimposed upon the “pagan” holiday of the Christian Easter. For the truth, study Ishtar, egg-laying rabbits and blood-red-died eggs of child sacrificial rituals to learn the history about “Easter” and the ones in charge of pushing this so-called holiday agenda. Or you can simply open up your Bible to Matthew 12:40 and read about the ONE sign that mankind would have to denote who is the Hebrew Messiah. The true Messiah is not the one made by men in churches or Earth worshippers who make up their own doctrines and interpretations of how the world works or what Scripture says.

Matthew 12:40 – For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth

If we look up in the clouds of Scripture, we’ll see hints of “helicopters” of our own in the story of Messiah, the way. “Heli” is a relative of Yahusha (a/k/a Jesus). The Hebrew name means “ascending.” There are various postulations about Heli being of the line of Joseph, the husband of Mary, Yahusha’s adoptive earthly father. It involves a Levitical marriage and adoption of sons, but the truth is more deeply hidden. The story pertains to Messiah’s Heavenly Father and being born into Mary’s lineage, from which he departed and ascended. (Mary didn’t ascend, but religious men invented doctrines which teach that she did).

Luke 3:23 – And Jesus himself began to be about thirty years of age, being (as was supposed ) the son of Joseph, which was the son of Heli,

You see, I’m one of the spiritual Heli-copters who is out watching the events of the day and reporting on what I see, although I’m at ground zero, ground level. I’m one in the wilderness who cries out about unrighteousness. I’m the watchman on the wall, the spiritual traffic cop who stands on one side of the road, one side of the hills shouting at the people behind the signs on the other side of the road that boast of another messiah. I’m just like John the Baptist (Yochanon the Immerser) who cried:

“Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!”

(At the works of these tiny hands and a tiny sign in my particular case.)

The first appointed Spring feast day of the Hebrew calendar year (outside of the weekly seventh day Sabbath from Friday evening to Saturday evening), and the official biblical new year began just one week ago. It is the first day that the Spring barley harvest is “aviv” or “abib,” (full in the ear but not fully ripe) and the new moon is sighted.

This year the Creator’s new year began with a shout and a shofar blast, which always gets our farm animals attention. And this year the first Spring Feast falls on a Sunday, which happens to be the same day that others are celebrating their “holy” days of Easter That day was translated or converted in the Bible by men from the Word “Pesach” or “Passover.”

We are gearing up for this monumentally important feast day not only by removing the “leaven” from our physical households (baking leaven [yeast and other dough-rising agents]), but also in a very definitive and calculated way from our spiritual home (hearts, minds) and from the land around our home (neighborhood). Well, we can’t remove the leaven from the neighborhood, but we can certainly provide the truth to balance out the boastings on the signs of those who don’t seem to be able to count to three.

The thought first struck me last night at the end of the Sabbath day when we went to a store to purchase clock batteries. That clock had on it, some very interesting signs of its own. (That clock and the times it strikes will be the subject of another blog at a later hour.)

But last night my husband remarked to me how the trip home from the store seemed much quieter and less heavily trafficked than normal. That typically means a calm before a storm, at least spiritually speaking.  I now reflect on a pileup of traffic described in a book I read this morning before I sat down to write this blog. Thankfully we don’t see that kind of traffic on a regular basis, although I certainly drove in my share of that over the years back in Chicago.

Now we live in a place that is far more peaceful (or should I say piece-full, as in pieces of bread) and where we don’t have to endure too many traffic problems, except at our confusing round-a-bout, and that is a truly good thing. The only traffic we have on this street is local or farm trucks going down the serpentine end of this road to the factory beef farm. (We live on the straight part of the street, don’t worry.)

On approaching our driveway, I happened to look to the west across the road where there is a subdivision. The back yards of several homes face the road just before you reach our driveway entrance. Perched on the lawn near the road at the back of two homes are signs boasting of their faith in a Christian Jesus whom they expect to raise on “Easter” Sunday. This year this manmade holy day happens to fall on April 1, the traditional day of fools and tricksters.

I can’t help but think about how religious men and women have pranked all of society over millenniums with their laws and interpretations of Scripture that usurp the Laws of the Father who created us. There is a purpose to his creation and to all things under Heaven. And it is not surprising that the people of the world are being influenced by Satan to learn the ways of heathen religions of ancient days so that those traditions and beliefs blur the lines of the faith that was once preached to the saints.

Faith and Scripture today now look nothing like what they did in biblical days of our Hebrew Messiah Yahusha. Even his name has been changed, but it isn’t to protect the innocents. It is to protect the lost – or loss of innocence. It’s a sign of the times we live in, and those signs must be turned around, in Spirit and in flesh. They need an alternative sign, an alternative choice and a look in the rearview mirror to see where they should be going.

In some ways I can’t help but see that subdivision of wonderful, but sadly religiously misinformed people as perhaps living in the valley of the shadow of death. Oh, I lived in their homes at one time; not in their physical homes, but in homes just like theirs when my faith in Messiah was young and misinformed too.

I was raised in a Christian household by well-meaning family members who tried to train me up in the way of faith that they believed that I should go. But they were training me from religions that are taught from man’s interpretations. Typically those words use only a few Words taken from the book, to fit doctrinal agendas. They teach Law or Grace or something in between, but they aren’t teaching the Everlasting Gospel of Yahusha, a gospel of unity under the Law. When searching out the Scriptures they use to preach their gospel messages, their teachings have very little to do with what is actually found in the Bible. That’s why we find ourselves where we are today. Society is confused and people are living under manmade interpretations of the Law, instead of keeping the Law.

People want to believe the Word. They believe that they believe the Word. And their belief is about as colorful as the eggs that are died and hidden under bushes and behind houseplants for children to discover. While parents hide candies and coins inside those eggs, if the truth was given to them, I wonder if they would hide it in their hearts and minds and dump their holiday baskets and lamb-molded butter dishes that melt under the heat of the fires of Truth. But they don’t even know who Ishtar is, why pagan eggs were dyed red, or how to count to three. I used to be one of these people. As a body, we’re a mess!

I used to get a cruel satisfaction from biting the ears off of chocolate bunnies and then lining them up in my Easter basket. We took humor in microwaving marshmallow peeps just to see how large they could become before they exploded. We did that! We even went so far as to buy a four-foot plastic “chocolate” bunny to place on a relative’s lawn just to freak him out when he opened his door in the morning.

But then again, we decorated our neighbor’s yard with colored lights and tree ornaments in a mock Christmas in July when they went on vacation for a week. Of course we plugged in the lights every night to make their house a memorable occasion for all, and we added empty beer and soda cans on the lawn like a perpetual party was going on. They laughed when they found out about our foolishness, and we helped clean up the mess. But our hearts and minds and Spirits were of the world, not of Messiah. He didn’t eat chocolate bunnies or search for eggs. And he laid in the ground for three full nights and three full days while we were foolishly out decorating our neighbor’s lawns. I’m so glad he forgives us!

We were fools when our biblical clocks were off track in timing, obedience and  understanding of the ways and Words of our Hebrew Messiah. (The word “Hebrew” literally means “crossed over.”) Thankfully we’ve repented, made amends and crossed over from all of our old ways and ways of thinking and quite frankly, thankfully we live on this side of the road. But it is a challenge getting to know people, because they are quick to make judgments about things they don’t understand nor bother to take the time to get to know, although they will wave and smile and play nice as they keep a respectful distance.

I feel sorry for our neighbors, because I have met some of the people who live in those homes and they are very nice. They’re just misguided like we were. We couldn’t help it. we relied on religions men to teach us the Word when we should have relied on the Word to teach us his Word. I’ve spoken to some of them before and was a guest at one of their home parties. I also know the messiah they are serving. It’s a messiah that to them means that home parties with wine and cheese and pork are acceptable feasts.

And it is a messiah who says that my prayers aren’t good enough for them while they rely upon the prayers of the holy sisters of perpetual pain as they stumble through health crises. Or they attend churches for tiny bites of spiritual nourishment in a host of ways including bread some people are told magically comes to life when a man in a glorified bathrobe holds it up in a false “adoration” like a little child gazing longingly at some cereal leprechaun or trickster rabbit advertised in aisle six of the local supermarket. I’m the spiritual grocery store manager on the loudspeaker:

Clean up on aisle six! 

Their messiah is no messiah at all. You see, the Christian Messiah that is called “Jesus” died on a day they call “good” and that is perpetually a Friday. It’s a day frozen in time where the enemy (Satan) seems to have spiritually inserted a lie, a wall, a colorful sign that freezes the attention of well-meaning and otherwise “good” hearted people of clay in time. All logic and reasoning become suspended as their hearts, minds, souls and bodies crash once a year headlong into this signpost and pile up like the gaper’s blocks I used to avoid in Chicago. Spiritually speaking, most people are rubber necking in their lives to see what others are doing to please themselves instead of looking up to the One who can tell them what to do for him.

Then just a day and a half later, this messiah suddenly “raises” from the dead despite all the leaven (false teaching) that surrounds him, on what is called “Easter” Sunday. That is the savior we used to dedicate our hearts, minds, souls and strength to. That is who is advertised on so many lawns in the lands and in the lawns of the hearts of men and women in this good nation.

That messiah kills hearts, wounds souls and weakens the body. That messiah can’t count to three. That messiah is a trickster of the nations. Those that follow that messiah, another messiah other than the One who was sent, are facing a tough day of judgment.

The Christian “Easter” and the Jewish (manmade religion of Judaism) and Hebrew Roots participants are this year all celebrating the same day in various ways because of the convergence of their day in April. The day that the true Messiah Yahusha was crucified, died and was buried is not a fixed, but a moving day each year. It is based on the condition of the barley crop in relation to the new moon during the Springtime. There is a yet higher version of this for us to learn, but most of the body isn’t yet there, so I’ll save it for a future date.

The “date” of Father’s appointed feasts vary seasonally, and not just in the world, but also in our lives as we learn and grow in fuller relationship with him. (Yes, how we celebrate him and his dates will change, kind of like how your dates and intimacy grows when you are courting your future spouse). Just as Messiah’s Word can’t be contained in any books or libraries, the appointed feasts can’t be fixed like a Jewish calendar or Gregorian calendar date for convenience so Matzo balls and mint jelly can be served to visiting relatives (whether invited or as some are merely tolerated in the world by those who have not the love of Messiah). Father and his commanded feast days are far more elusive than that. We must make an effort to find him and to uncover the things that are of him and that are found in his Word. We can’t sit in pews and listen to sound bytes for 45 minutes and then tear out of the parking lot in sports cars to eat pork at the local restaurant.

And with this year’s April “fool’s” day’s convergence of the “stars” of modern day religions and manmade religious traditions and cultures, it is no surprise to me that it is time for this manmade, bedraggled rubber three-fold chord that will eventually snap under the tension of who’s right and who’s wrong to be addressed. How Father chooses to do it is anyone’s guess, but it seems that he is posting his signs on the virtual front lawns of the nations (internet). After all, Messiah by his Spirit is pointing us to this great convergence in the clouds like some majestic Chaldean super day-star gazer.

He uses tiny hands and tiny signs, not the great plastic neon signposts we see at religious houses of worship, to advertise his signs (banners) and wonders (questions to make us wonder about what we think we know). [Search the Scripture for in them you think you have salvation.] Even though he has access to all the riches in the Kingdom, his internet budget is much greater and yet smaller than that. He is humble. He is quiet. He’s the still small voice, the one who is perhaps a bit harder for people to hear  until they tune in their Spiritual radar to his supernatural broadcast station. The more you try and the more you seek him, he becomes that beacon of light in the darkness that far exceeds our current trending 5G. Yahuah is five times the glory of the five divisions of the altar sacrifices, and then some. He’s all about the increase.

Today in the Spirit it feels like being a good neighbor or good Samaritan means to teach our other neighbors to consider that their version of messiah isn’t the one whom they should follow. What you believe then all depends upon which side of the road you are looking at, and which set of commands you are willing to follow. Messiah is standing in the middle of the road asking us to choose this day whom we will serve. Choose wisely. Be a Berean, not necessarily just a Chaldean.

As far as the Bible says, there is only One sign of the coming Hebrew Messiah, the One who is our true Savior for those who not only believe in him, but who obey the commandments that he obeys, that he represents, and that he taught us to do. He is the Law and he taught us the Law. His Word teaches us to keep the Laws of the Father. He didn’t come to abolish or do away with the Laws. That would make our Messiah Lawless. That would mean that Laws are abolished. It would mean that we as believers could do anything we wanted to do and we’d still be saved. That may be what your preacher or rabbi or priest or leader teaches, but it isn’t what Messiah teaches and it isn’t what is found in Scripture. Go ahead. Look it up yourself.

We have a sign of our own on the lawn on the opposite side of the street that advertises our organic eggs…from the Organic Word eggs that we peddle freely on the internet here, to the organic eggs our little chickens produce on a daily basis to sustain us. They remind me of Yahusha who said how often he wanted to gather his children together under his wings like a hen gathers her chicks. We are to come to him like little children. We are to follow his signs. He’ll give us shelter and feed and protect us.

We live under a covenant with Yah on this acreage and the only signs we’ll put on this land are the signs of Yahuah and the things of his righteous nature. Right about here I take a break to go and make a sign as I am led regarding the upcoming multi-hued holiday. It’s a True Messiah-friendly pointer to “do the math.”

That is, do the Matthew 14:20 that teaches us how to count to three. It teaches us of the One sign of the real Messiah. Any other messiah that dies and “resurrects” on any other count of full days and full nights, is a false messiah. It’s that simple. Maybe you learned the new math. I’m old school.


Matthew 12:40 – For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.


Okay, it’s not the biggest nor the most eloquent sign, but its humility gets the point across the road, and invites people to visit the web site where they can learn more about the true Hebrew Messiah Yahusha. And he has such a love for his people even when we’re in the wrong, that he would have me put up a sign today so that all who pass by won’t miss the invitation he is extending.

Here is what the Scriptures tell us about Chaldean astronomers or wise men who were seeking the true Messiah. They saw the sign. They followed its directions. They sought the King. And they found him. But they didn’t arrive at the manger scene we’ve been taught in parochial school. They actually arrived at the family’s house when the child was still young, but not a newborn infant. It takes quite awhile to travel the desert on camel back you know, and our people are thirsting in the desert without as much as a canteen. We have to be the water of the Word. We have to serve the truth.

These Chaldeans weren’t star worshippers like some old age woo-woo spiritualists. They were intelligent men who were kings of their lands. They were leaders who invested themselves in the people of the day and brought great treasures to those whom they identified were of the Father’s household. They sought truth and light and found it.

And these wise men Chaldeans didn’t return to the household of the worldly kingdom of Herod once they found the Messiah, the Son of Yahuah. They left the scene going by another route. They repented and began their journey anew.

Neither can we return to the old ways of the world once we know the truth.

Father says: “Teshuvah” (teh-shoo-vah).

That means return. It means repent. It means to dump the old ways, the old religions, the old beliefs, the old holidays, and read the signs of the times. We no longer paint our doors red to avoid the angel of death. We have the true Messiah, the one who spent three full days and three full nights in the belly of the fish. That fish is the eras of man’s journey through the Earth. It is our studies in worldly religions, from which we ourselves are to be resurrected, or raised up from so that we can ascend to higher spiritual heavens. It means that we are to let go of the things of the world and the teachings of men so we can become One in Messiah in Spirit. It’s more involved than that, but you get the picture, or maybe at least see the sign.

Read Matthew 14:20.
Believe in the true Messiah.
Keep the commands.
Keep the Passover. (See Exodus 12:14 onward, the key word is “memorial”)
Then keep reading and keep seeking.
Or knock on the door.

He’s right here.

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