Word for Pesach/Passover & Others

Blessed Pesach/Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread!

Word from Yeshua Messiah for the hearts and minds of men and women the world over:
The Red Sea is our Words and the Word.
We are evil speaking when it is love that is needed.
YHVH is the Law part. He is the thinking part.
It is Yahusha that is the doing part. He is love.
The Red Sea is rightly dividing the Word and our words.
Yahusha bridles the tongues.

The oil of gladness is the right Word spoken in season by the anointing of Messiah.
It is the oil on the bread that greases it so it goes down well.
The well and well spring is our heart with Yahusha.
The rivers of living water are our words that we say when we have Yahusha in our heart.
The Sea of Galilee is what we speak that is doubt, double-mindedness, fear, anxiety, rebellion.

Yahusha walks on the Sea because he tames the tongue, he tempers the storms of our hearts and minds and words.
Those who doubt Messiah will fall and drown in their own seas of words.
His Word comes in like a flood to cleanse mankind and water others to grow them up in love.

What are you building? A strong fortress or a crumbling wall?
What are you lifting up? Messiah in others or yourself in pride?
What are you serving? Food for the soul or fatness for the flesh?

In this season of the lambs and goats, know that Messiah is offering himself for You. Those who receive him are the lambs. Those who reject him are the goats.
We are commanded to eat these foods to look at ourselves.
We are what we eat.
We are what we put into our hearts and minds.
What comes out of us then is either defiled or something beautiful.

Don’t let this pass over your plate without grabbing a bite.


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