Slow eyes, soft hearts and last wills

As I was sitting down yesterday updating my will, I was meditating on thoughts concerning the will of God for the hearts of men. You see, our hearts as a body of believers in the Father are out of sync with what God desires for his people today. We’re a bit like dead men walking. We have hearts, but those hearts have places in them that are cold, dead, or hardened. The Holy Spirit can’t flow in them because we hold onto things that don’t serve the Father, other people, or even ourselves. We’re like a man with a heart arrhythmia. We’re walking around without a sure, sound heartbeat, like people who can drop at any moment and we’re unprepared.

I’m not saying that an arrhythmia of the body is necessarily a person’s fault. It is more like something that has been brought about by some of the choices that we as a corporate body have made (or made by default because of ignorance or inability to overcome the ignorance or will of others). The believing body suffers because of ignorance. We suffer because we reject knowledge from the Father in Heaven in favor of the wisdom of men of flesh. We rely upon others to tell us:

“This is how you are to ‘do’ God.”

“This is how you are to be holy.”

Well, is it entirely our fault? The Word says:

1 Peter 1:16 – Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.

It is written. But where is it written how to be holy? That’s written in the Word, as well. You have to go searching for that well. You have to seek the well water if you want to bring up a cup for yourself in the desert wilderness that you live in, and receive life. The written Word is a well. How you use it depends upon what kind of reward you will receive from it. You will either defile the well or bring up a cup of life-giving water.

Leviticus 20:7 – Sanctify yourselves therefore, and be ye holy: for I am the LORD your God.

How do we sanctify ourselves? Religious men and women who are in love with the ways of the world and the material goods that come from serving their flesh will tell you all kinds of ways to be holy and sanctified. They will even point to the Scripture passages that teach those who are still babes in the Word all about the pattern of sanctification and holiness. But they who are babes are reading what God created as parables for those who do not yet have eyes to see nor ears to hear.

We can prove something interesting if we look closely at Mark 4:11.

Mark 4:11 – And he said unto them, Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables:

Without what? Without knowledge of the mystery of the kingdom of God. Look back at verse 4:2 for something interesting. We don’t always put our cup in a new spot in the well. We go to the spot in the well where the water is sweet.

Mark 4:2 – And he taught them many things by parables, and said unto them in his doctrine,

Who is Messiah teaching? His future disciples and believers. The clincher is that he is teaching them by parables. He is teaching a great multitude. They are still without (the Holy Spirit). They can’t see and don’t know the mysteries of the kingdom of God. They have no relationship with Messiah yet. They only see him standing on the seashore. They aren’t sitting and eating with him yet.

Here in Mark 4:2 Jesus/Yahusha is giving the people his doctrine. It is the understanding of a man of God that is designed for men of flesh, to transform them.

What is that doctrine? It is a teaching that is a portion of the Father’s Word. It is a parabolic teaching. It is a part of a whole teaching, a Law of unity and Oneship. He is feeding them bread crumbs because it is too early in their transformation to give them strong meat. These people are still attached to the things of the world.

People can only receive an amount of the Word in direct proportion to what they will allow themselves to forfeit from their worldliness. The longer you travel in the presence of Messiah, the more you will be required to sacrifice. But the good news is that your faith will grow in him and you will gladly relinquish the control of what you falsely thought was your life, to him.

Who are without? It is every person in the Scriptures (and in the world) we are without the Holy Spirit of God’s wisdom and revelation. They are without the living Holy Spirit of the Father. They are without faith in the Spirit of Messiah. They do not have the Father’s Holy Living Spirit in their flesh. They may have a form of his wisdom, but they don’t have his Spirit within them yet, because they haven’t surrendered their will and love of choice to him fully, yet. They may be walking toward that end, but they are still on the early part of their journey. We aren’t to prevent them from walking!

Search the Scriptures for every place someone is “without” the camp, and see what they are doing. There is some kind of transformation that is supposed to be taking place. But we read what we have been taught to read. We don’t bother to ask the Father to show us what his Word really means in every situation and application, whether biblical life or our own.

We believe in the interpretations and commentaries and translations of men of flesh. We don’t believe that the Father wants us to have a higher understanding of his Word. People even teach not to go beyond what is written in the Scriptures! Well, how can you understand the Spirit of the Living God if you adhere only to what was written ages ago? The Father is a Spirit. The only way for flesh to understand spiritual things of the Father is if the Father’s Spirit first reveals them to us. But if you don’t truly believe that the Spirit is still speaking to his people today, you can’t hear his Spirit fully and you won’t receive the full benefit of the Word he desires to give you because you lack faith in him and in your brethren!

In order to receive the Spirit of Messiah, you have to first believe that the Father is, that he has died for you and that he yet lives and that you will be rewarded for this faith.

Hebrews 11:6 – But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

Understand that coming to him requires faith and expectation that he will provide all that you will ever need. Those who hold onto the world and worldly things are holding onto them because they fear that they will lack something. They don’t believe that the Messiah can fulfill all of their needs. They haven’t yet learned how to die to self, let go of the world and their love of choice. They are holding onto things that look like the spirit of the flesh, Satan. They are holding onto unforgiveness, envy, jealousy, hatred, anger, frustration, fear, and the lusts of the flesh.

Many “religious” or “spiritual” people who are holding onto unforgiveness and things of the world are trying to preach or receive what God has not yet given to them. And that choice to preach beyond what is man’s to give in that moment in time is what is causing the great falling away from the churches and synagogues and assemblies and other manmade religious organizations that God never intended for men to build for longer than a season — a training season. As we learn the Word, we are required to let go of something that we formerly held onto.

When the Father freely gives to us, we must also freely give away something. What people tend to do is to hold onto their worldly stuff and the good Word they receive and give out only a portion of that Word, spiced up with their own interpretations and opinions and political agendas. They don’t freely give the Word that the Holy Spirit entrusts them with. The Father won’t entrust his Word to someone who gives away their own words beyond the period of testing that he places them in. Those who prove trustworthy are given more, because they have proven that they are intent on retaining the Father’s Spirit and intent of his Word, over their own desires to communicate their fleshly opinions.

Anyone can write what they think is God’s Word and give their interpretation. But those in whom the Father’s Spirit resides, will give what he leads them to give, when he gives it to them to share. And they will work to preserve the Spirit and intent behind the Words and revelations that Father chooses to share with them. They have become his trusted servants because they serve the Father and their brethren over their own desires to be liked or agreed with. They allow the Father to mold the words they use to communicate to the brethren so that the Words will be received in the best possible light — his.

The desertion of the doctrinal camps of men for the divine schoolyard that is far removed from the campuses and buildings of men is precisely the design of the Father of Heaven for his people. We were never meant to substitute a human intercessor in between ourselves and the One who created us. He allowed it only for a season because we chose fear above trusting in him. He allowed it to teach us of our own vanity and love of choice above our love of him. He is the One who always desires to speak to his people directly, himself, as he has done from the very beginning when Adam and the woman walked in the Garden of Eden.

It was man’s choice not to hearken to the voice of God in the Garden. We were too busy hearkening to the natural laws of a serpent that God’s doctrine named “Satan.” That serpent has a head and a tail. And like Moses in the presence of the Pharaoh, we are to grasp that serpent by the tail and lift it up so that it can become a rod of liberation not correction (and yet it corrects wrong doctrines of men). Instead like the Israelites in the wilderness who became a curse and who burned incense to a bronze serpent symbol, man is still lifting up brass and bronze and golden staffs in reverence of a portion of a priesthood pattern that man has himself interpreted, and that is badly in need of spiritual and fleshly reform! We need to exchange the doctrines of men for the doctrine of the Holy Spirit.

God has a doctrine? Yes, he does, but that doctrine hasn’t been shown in its entirety because he has become a living LORD. He is only revealing all that we need to know in these latter days because we have severely missed the mark. The strongest portions of his parables, of his Word, must be taught by God himself, directly to believers. He begins this through those who love and serve him, but he continues the teaching in a one-on-one relationship with every individual and as the body as a corporate being.

Yes, God still speaks and creates, but he has died to a part of himself, his wrath upon those who are ignorant of his ways because they just don’t know them. He dies to his wrath against those who aren’t given the full revelation. But for those who do receive his Word in these latter days, the choice is really ours to make. And if we choose to ignore his final words before his return, the wrath of death upon rebellious flesh will surely come to those who reject his Word. But that Word won’t be the interpretations of men of flesh who spout out “words” but who have no love of the Father or of the brethren. The portion of the Father that is coming is the Spirit of death upon rebellion. You don’t want to face that Spirit! You want to face the living Spirit of Messiah now, today, in this moment, and repent and receive him so that you won’t look like the enemy when he comes. That’s the accuser of the brethren who will slay all those who do not love the Father and the Father in believers.

The Father’s Word is eternally living. He still speaks to the living. His Word still produces things and continues to produce things forever even after it is spoken. And his Word when properly spoken will reproduce his Spirit and his will in all who receive his Word. His Word is active and creating Firstfruits and more throughout every application of time and in every dimension in and out of time, forever. The Father’s Word is eternal because his is an eternal Spirit. His living Word made flesh is our Messiah, a Supreme and perfect and holy portion of the Father’s Spirit that we can interact with and see. All he does and speaks is perfect, holy and eternal.

What was the first Word spoken that was recorded in the Word?


It is “in the beginning.” Some people say Bereshit, Bereishit, B’reshith or use other words. It simply means “Firstfruit.” God gives his first and very best in all that he creates and makes. He doesn’t just create. He fashions with the works of his hands and his voice and perfects his creation in his own body and Spirit first, and then in the vessels that he calls to become part of his glorified body. He speaks his very best and his Word is faithful to produce life, even resurrecting it from the dead. His Word must therefore eternally produce something, because he is eternally living. He is life eternally living, and so is his Word. But in order for us to receive him, we must first believe that he IS. If you believe the Word, his Word, you know that what he says, goes, and there is nothing and no one that can come against him. He is all powerful.

Hebrews 11:6 – But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

The Father  tells us that he is the Alpha and the Omega. He is the first and the last. He is the Firstfruit and the very last fruit. In the Bible, he is the Firstfruit and the Amen. (That’s the last Word in the Holy Scriptures. So he says:

“Firstfruit. Amen.”

Our Father who “art” in Heaven (who creates and makes all art, all beautiful things from the throne room) tells us everything we need to know in two simple words that are really one and the same. One is the beginning and one is the ending. In essence, he tells us:

“Always give your first and best and chief thing to me. You do this by loving and serving one another. That’s because I AM in the living. I AM in every living thing and person. When you serve the living, you serve me. That is my will.”

You’ll find that in the Word. There are thousands of witnesses; far too many to list here in this blog. Go ahead and search it out.

Everything that falls in between these two words of Scripture is a bit of an explanation for how these two words fit seamlessly together. The Bible has been divided into books and chapters and verses so that men and women and children can understand the basic directions, or the patterns of creation. But don’t forget that God himself is the director of the play. He is responsible for influencing us with spirits both good and evil so that we can learn where and how we fit into the overall pattern of his creation both as individuals and as a corporate body. But that’s not a corporate body of manmade religious doctrines. It’s the corporate body of the doctrine of a loving Father who created and creates all things — even today.

Unfortunately, man is still trying to create his own version of the kingdom of Heaven here on Earth. He is still teaching his own form of the Word under his own fleshly power. What man needs is an infusion of the Holy Spirit. And that Holy Spirit isn’t some dead person’s ghost who is walking around the Earth trying to convert people under his own will. He’s a living Spirit who walks around like the divine gentleman that he is, who calls his sheep to leap over the walls of mans’ religious pens that ensnare and hold them in, to run toward he who is the good Shepherd. Those who are his sheep, hear his voice when he calls them. And they fall away from the manmade doctrines and traditions and religions and mandates and holidays and “holy” ways, in favor of the LORD’S.

Our LIVING Father of creation also tells us this:

“I AM.”

The “I AM” is who he is. He’s a living God. He’s a God of the living. He’s not a God of the dead. He’s not a god who serves dead people. He isn’t living in the wood and stone and paper and other idols that men of flesh make with their hands and by the works of their fleshly bodies (including their own words). The gods of spiritually dead people are served by dead people during their life. But when they die, who receives them into everlasting life? Can a false god of a shrine or statute save them? No. But people who are attached to their flesh and the love of choice fruits (the reward of their own choices) and to religious interpretations that have nothing to do with the Holy Spirit are serving other gods that aren’t the One True Living God, the Lord Jesus Christ (Yahusha Messiah).

But they think they are serving the Lord. Most are serving a Lord of false idols and false religions and false interpretations from false leadership. They may be following men and women of flesh who are themselves blind leaders who are leading the blind straight into the pit. Don’t get mad at me, that’s what the Word says!

Matthew 15:14 – Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.

We need two or three witnesses to establish every Word. If you search Scriptures, you will find them. But if you search the people among you, you will have better witnesses, because the Spirit of Messiah may be in them and he may be speaking directly to you today, and he may reveal new revelations to you. HalleluYAH!

Men teach that we must have two or three witnesses in order to establish the Word, and that is truth. But I’m not trying to establish the Word. I’m not even trying to reestablish it. I’m merely presenting what the LORD is giving me to present, for you here today. It is your choice to believe him or not. I don’t care if you believe me except that I care for all people. You won’t offend me if you disagree. You’ll only offend God, but I’ll pray that you can see beyond my words to receive his Words.

But when men of flesh offend us with their own interpretations of the Word instead of just delivering only that which the Father gives them to provide to his people, we go off track. We don’t even know we’ve been offended or that someone is speaking against the Word when we haven’t spent any time in the Word — and I don’t mean just gleaning in the Word and then flying off half-baked.

How do we as people become blind? How have we all been fooled for so long? Well, it’s simple. We’re born blind and deaf and dumb. We’re born unable to walk. It’s a process of growth and transformation that we must endure. And as we overcome each task and lesson to be learned, a little bit more of God is slowly revealed to us. But that revelation isn’t by our hand. It’s by his. He tests us and evaluates us and promotes us or keeps us in a step of the way in an unending journey of transformation from fleshly beings into glorified Spirit body of Messiah.

God doesn’t reveal his mysteries of his Kingdom unless and until we repent and become humble enough to receive all that he desires to give us. Newborn babes and little children are so clean in their hearts and minds and spirits, that they are far more able to be aware of God around them than we adults are.

We’re born already fallen into a fallen world. We can’t help it. It isn’t entirely our fault, as far as we know. It isn’t the fault of the design or the plan, the pattern. The outline of the story isn’t the problem. It’s all of the words and ways that living men insert and remove from the divine Word, from the plan. It is all of the priestly garments that men of flesh make for themselves that don’t look like the priestly garment that is supposed to fit a body that contains Messiah’s Spirit. We want to make our own choices. We want to walk around dressed like animals or spirits or even fish. We want to eat the fruit ourselves, including fruit we have been repeatedly told not to touch or to eat.

Choice, which is the love of our own will is fundamentally at the root of all of the issues we have in this world. And yet, despite man’s tamperings, we are fortunate to have a Supreme, loving Father and LORD above all Lords, King above all kings, and highest priest of an orderly Kingdom who takes pity upon our earthen frame. He loves us despite all of our flaws and foibles and rescues those who truly desire him to do so, if we cry out. He’s the chief and best parts of the Father and Mother of the little children. He is eternal love. He loves his little children. The problem is that not all little children love him.

Fleshly man begins his life attached to the world. He learns how to idolize and categorize and rationalize and theorize every facet of life until one day he is shown something of the Spirit, which wakes him from his not-so-glorious slumber. Then he begins to realize there is “something more” outside of his own campground. There is a higher power. There’s a mighty “someone” that is unknown and invisible, but who can be seen and heard and felt and experienced nonetheless.  Man’s spirit and the Spirit of the “I AM” meet one another face to face (in our spirit and/or flesh).

Maybe we have a divine intervention. Maybe we meet an angel. Maybe we meet the Father himself in the form of a dove or a human looking person who wasn’t there a moment ago but who then is and then was and somehow remains in our spirit even when we can’t see them with our eyes and we don’t know where they went to in a fraction of a moment. And yet we know that the experience was real because we received something from it that we can’t put our finger on in any tangible way. We are forever changed, altered, transformed. We gained something and we lost some part of our fear or our pain or our doubt. He lifted us up and proved to us that he is real and that he loves us, he sees us and he has a purpose for our life.

Once man realizes there is a life outside of the flesh of affliction, he desires that better life because he knows with every fiber of his being that this “invisible” something brings to him a life that is eternally far more fulfilling than anything we can imagine or produce here on this Earth without the Father, the one who has identified himself to those who care to know him, as the Great I AM. He says:

“I am holy.”

That’s his name. He is Holy. That’s probably why the choirs in Heaven say “Holy, Holy, Holy.” His beginning, his Firstfruit, his Word is Holy. His being, his living Spirit is Holy. And his Creative and the Artsy Maker part of himself is Holy. He’s all of that and more and all of him is Holy. He delights in holiness and he delights in all of the living who desire to be holy just like him.

The I AM is a living LORD who is exalted above every manmade idea of “God” and any religion and religious opinion and interpretation of anyone who is living or who has ever lived. All of his ways are higher and greater than ours. That’s a great lesson in humility for us. God is greater than all of us and all that we can ever build or imagine, put together under any interpretation. He is our creator. He withholds and reveals his knowledge and mysteries of his Kingdom from those at the level he desires. We are created to be his servants, but he isn’t a tyrant. He doesn’t order us to serve him. He gives us a choice. He is merciful. He is also merciful to those who just don’t manage to figure it all out in our whisper of a short lifespan. He remembers our frame. He made us out of dust! He is a righteous judge! So you have no business telling someone they are going to hell. That’s the accuser of the brethren in you. That’s Satan.

The Word tells us that there are people all around us who are living, at least according to man’s fleshly terms.  According to God’s Word, we are all born half dead. That’s a bit disconcerting. The part of us that is born half dead is our flesh. It is already dying even before we get out of the womb. That doesn’t give us permission to kill our unborn children. Their Spirit is very much alive. It is their flesh that is being formed so that it can learn to die to the flesh before it is returned to the realm of Spirit.

Numbers 12:12 – Let her not be as one dead, of whom the flesh is half consumed when he cometh out of his mother’s womb.

Yuck. We’re half consumed. Well, it’s not that hard to imagine if we understand that our body is a world of its own right, a kingdom that is inhabited by countless microbes over which our will is Lord. These microbes don’t even get to control the outcome of our health unless we give our body what it desires most — unhealthy choices! Think on that thing while you take a few breaths from the living God who controls every breath you take, and every heartbeat, no matter how arrythmic.

Without the Holy Spirit of the Living LORD in us, we can’t tell who is not, or who is walking around half dead. The only way we’ll know who is alive or dead is by their fruit. Religious men teach us what they will, and say that we are to become fruit inspectors. Then they misjudge their own servants because of their love of judgment and criticism, but that isn’t God’s Word or his will. Yes, we are to inspect the fruits of others, but we are to become holy fruit inspectors. We cannot become a holy fruit inspector who seeks holy fruit in people who are plainly unholy any more than we can see holy fruit in people who are holy but who we don’t know and wrongly accuse of being unholy. We cannot righteously judge unless and until we are qualified to properly judge, with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. We won’t have his wisdom within us until we fully receive him and do what he tells us to do, no matter how that looks to others.

What if your ideas and beliefs about how to inspect another person’s fruit have been corrupted by the religious teachings of other men or women? Well, the Father loves you. If you repent of man’s teachings, the Father in Heaven will give you a new heart, a new mind and a new Spirit — His. He will fill you with his Holy Spirit and begin to reveal the mysteries of his Kingdom to you. He will begin to reveal his secrets to you by the people who are already serving him fully and who have (and had) his Holy Spirit within them.

And he will speak directly to your spirit, if you have ears to hear his voice. He has already proven and reproven his servants with his Word and with the tests and trials he puts them through in life. They have proven themselves worthy to be called and to become fully His, and his Spirit dwells within them. They will be the ones whose fruit you can openly see because of the revelations that come from the Living Words they bring (and that continue to produce in those who “eat” this fruit). But there will be many people who have a form of holiness but who lack faith in the Father and in the brethren. They don’t yet understand that all of the living are our brethren. They are too busy judging people from a place where they don’t truly know the people they are judging. They are judging others based upon their own brokenness. When we truly judge someone’s fruit, we can see with the eyes of the Spirit, the path they are walking and how far they still have to walk, and we will support them in their walk, as long as the Father leads us to do so.

It is not your job to sow, water and reap. It is your job to do a portion of the work. Some will sow. Others will water and still others will reap.

1 Peter 1:15 – But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation;

Chances are, they will be holy in all manner of conversation. They won’t be perverse. They won’t be profane. They won’t be speaking a whole lot of worldliness or foolishness. They will be speaking holy things and Holy Scriptures, in the right application, with his wisdom.

Have you ever heard the expression:

Cold hands, warm heart?

Well, I have an expression for you today. It’s this:

Slow eyes, soft hearts.

I know you are probably saying something like:

I don’t get it.

You’re not supposed to just yet. That’s because you haven’t been given its meaning yet, according to the one who spoke (wrote) it. You can read it all you want to, and endeavor to know its meaning, but you’ll fail to arrive at its true meaning other than one you read into it. That’s exactly the point of this teaching. You’ll insert your own choice, your own interpretation, your own will into what you read and hear and see and touch and feel. You won’t necessarily take the time to ask the One who is giving you this experience, this Word of “life” what is his will for you.

We read the Holy Bible as natural people. We read its pages and come to conclusions based upon the state of our knowledge and the condition of our heart. We read it quickly with eyes that read over things and minds that ignore words and contexts and hearts that have portions deadened because of past wounds and offenses and places where we haven’t forgiven people for things we didn’t like or want or necessarily need in our lives. We read with dead eyes that don’t see. We hear people speak to us, but we don’t take to heart what they say, because the words they are speaking (or we ourselves) have not the heart of the Father of Heaven in them, but another heart, a heart of stone.

Have you ever read the Bible at a time in your life when you were not truly seeking God? If you are like I was, some of the passages made absolutely no sense to you. Indeed, the entire Bible seemed to be an anomaly that you could never understand. That is what some religious doctrines teach: that “regular” people who aren’t trained in a particular religious persuasion are “unable” or “unworthy” to be able to receive the correct interpretation of God’s Word. Therefore, their specially trained eyes and hearts became stand-ins for God Almighty, to do the job credibly for us.

There is some truth to this concept, but as always, man goes far beyond the truth. As stony hearted people who haven’t yet learned the will of the Father in Heaven, we can’t know what is his will until he gives us that revelation. So we’ll go from person to person and assembly to assembly hall to discover what is “God’s will.” Every place we enter, we come away with a different interpretation. While God allows us to dabble in idolatry in the flesh for a season, when we are no longer babes but teenagers, he will begin to instruct us in higher ways and higher thoughts and higher actions of loving and living. We are to remember that we are like plants — trees or parts of vines. Yahusha Messiah (Jesus) says:

John 15:5 – I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.

He is the vine. We who are part of him, are his branches. And when we are part of him, he helps us to produce good fruit that others can inspect and see comes from the good Shepherd, not some fleshly hireling.

Ezekiel 19:10 – Thy mother is like a vine in thy blood, planted by the waters: she was fruitful and full of branches by reason of many waters.

Hey, there’s that mother again.  A vine in thy blood? The mother was a great tree of life that formed the placenta in the womb from which the babes draw their nourishment. The Love of the Father, when divinely and rightly divided, is fully expressed in the merciful mother portion of God. She is the part that produces the children, together with the help of the Father.

It is the mother who teaches the little children the bulk of their lessons growing up. It is she who by faith feeds the babes through her body and who labors to bring them forth. Then it is she who nurses the babes with the milk provided for by the Heavenly Father through her body. And it is she who at eight days circumcises the ears of the little children when they can begin to become more fully aware of their surroundings. She is the one who judges when they are ready to transition from milk to the first bread crumbs before they are old enough to finally feed for themselves.

The Father is the one who serves and protects the family so the mother can raise the children in safety under his protection. He’s the covering of the family, like Adam was supposed to be. The woman (whom he renamed Eve) is the rib, the support structure, the strength of the body. She is central to the core, the softest parts of the Father. She is the womb where the two become one. In the womb, the Holy Spirit intercedes with a spark of divine light and life to produce the offspring of their unity, the little children, their Firstfruits (and all the fruits thereafter until they stop producing). However, the Living Father never stops producing, for he is eternal.

It was man who sinned. The woman transgressed. She didn’t understand how to apply the Word. Adam did. He is the one who named all of the creatures and who saw them reproduce. He already knew what a snake was. He named it. He is the one who should have said to Eve:

“Don’t touch the fruit. Let’s ask Father how to handle this situation.”

But he didn’t. He allowed Eve to be the guinea pig. He allowed her to experience the snake for herself. Maybe that was part of the plan. Or perhaps he wanted to see if she would die from eating the fruit before he dared try some for himself. He could have been selfish. We don’t know. We weren’t there, but we have all tasted of the fruit of choice. Adam knew he shouldn’t touch or eat it, because he knew that actions have consequences. But Eve didn’t have any awareness of the consequences of choice. She transgressed. She made a mistake. Adam had a greater portion of the truth. He knew better or should have. Adam didn’t help the woman. He didn’t love her the way he should have.

It’s only man who stops the production of the little children in their fleshly bodies, because he chooses death over life. We speak death over ourselves and over our children and over one another, instead of life. That causes a portion of our little children to die. It quenches their spirit. It hardens their heart. It causes them to become unloving because they first were unloved. If we aren’t speaking life over ourselves and over other people, then we’re speaking death. It’s that simple. And as long as we are “choosing” to kill, we are killing a portion of the Kingdom of Heaven, because all people are made in God’s image.

Proverb 18:21 – Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

Man kills his own unborn children and future generations because man has not yet learned how to love. He uses his words to wound and kill. The man over the woman who chooses abortion is unloving. It can be her spouse or lover. The problem can go all the way back to the woman’s father or mother, who was affected by their father or mother, and so on. The responsibility for the sin is the father’s, as he is the covering of the family.

The man’s words are unloving because he doesn’t love the Word above his own choice. That’s what Adam did. That sin “comes to pass” all throughout the bloodlines of man, until Messiah comes to the Earth himself. But notice what he does. He isn’t sent through the man. He comes by the power of the Holy Spirit through the woman, the mother.

The problem is that man doesn’t love the Spirit of the Living Messiah in himself and in his own brethren. Women do. They are the first to recognize Messiah when he comes in every season of his priesthood. They are present at the wells and wellsprings. They are the first ones he reveals his ministry to and the last ones who help preserve his body. They are first to see him resurrect and the first to see his return. They are also the first to recognize that his Spirit has been with us all along. He has never left us nor forsaken us.

Man doesn’t love his brethren because he can’t see Messiah in them even when he is standing right in front of him. A fleshly leader loves the adoration of the people and the order of the kingdom he has built or serves more than he loves the truth, even when he recognizes it. That was Pilate’s dilemma. He recognized that Messiah was innocent, but he felt powerless to free him because he feared those who governed over him. He didn’t want to lose his position of “power.”

All man sees is afflicted people. He points the finger at them and says that their affliction is because they lack God. But the one pointing the finger is the one who really needs to die. That is the one who has the true affliction. It masquerades as wealth and power. The wages for their love is death. They need to repent.

It isn’t the unborn children who need to die. It isn’t their fault their parents are unloving or feel unloved. It is the fault of “free” choice. We are given that choice so that we can learn the difference between what is right and what is wrong. We are given the choice in whom to serve. We are given the choice in how to use words as well as the Father’s Word. While we are babes, we condemn one another instead of condemning wrong actions and choices that fall outside of the parameters of what Father’s Law requires so that he may fulfilled his love within us.

Instead we are taught to “tolerate” and to “love” anything that tickles our fleshly fancy. We don’t love the Law of the Father that has a perfect divine nature and order and structure and that dictates what is good and righteous and productive and designed for the seasons of God’s will, and not our own.

You would probably be surprised to learn how many children are aborted because the man didn’t first love the woman. You’d be equally surprised to learn how many women don’t want abortions but are pressured or forced into them, and this occurs because they never felt loved in their entire life. Yes, many abortions are undergone out of ignorance and manipulation. A man who was supposed to love and protect the woman, failed to do so, just like Adam did. The woman who was serving that man failed to serve the child because she was afraid of the man. Sometimes that failure occurs because she doesn’t love herself enough. Other times she does and she fought against the process, but there was no one to rescue her when she did cry out.

You see, the choice not to love, is a choice we are all given to make. The choice to love is always a choice that produces good fruit. The choice not to love is always a choice that leads to death.

Unloving men intercede with their own choices that are fleshly and corrupted by their own will. What man needs is the intercession of the will of the Father. And Father is interceding today just as he has interceded since mankind was first created. His intercession appears by his Holy Spirit, but that Spirit doesn’t force himself upon you. You have to choose him. You must choose to search his Scriptures and choose to pray and to seek his face in prayer. He will call to you gently or forcefully, but it is still your choice to receive or reject him.

Although man’s religions teach us otherwise, the Word tells us that we have only one intercessor. We are told by “men of God” that because they have “studied” religious doctrines, they are holier than us and somehow more blessed to receive an interpretation “from God” that we common folks can never hope to receive. They say it is because we don’t walk around in flowing robes chanting or wearing head coverings or speaking mystical languages like Latin or perhaps Aramaic or Syriac. Those are the doctrines of dead men walking.

However “enlightened” religious leaders may be or claim to be, we can and should wonder not at them, but at the question of why it is that so many supposedly pious, sanctified people who profess to be so superior in their ability to be in-tune with the Creator of the universe nevertheless look, talk, walk, act, and fail in the same way all of their human counterparts do.

Now, please don’t take this the wrong way. I am simply struggling to verbalize by mere mortal flesh, a particularly pointed view that is more frequently found outside of the theocratic camp of modern religions than it is within. The reason? We commoners have been engrossed in and subjected to man’s religious interpretations and doctrines for ages. We were born into theocracy. It was already established before we came along. While we were in it, we were blind babes. Someone had to get our attention away from all of that to prove to us that a better way existed. God uses his written Word and his spoken Word that is spoken by his living Spirit to get our attention.

Although a small portion of man’s teachings have led a few people to “know the Lord” on some level, the bottom line is that the body of believers as a whole unit body becomes decidedly corrupt by man’s interpretations the longer time passes by. Make no mistake. Everything that “comes to pass” in the Scriptures, does so for a season. It is designed to come, demonstrate a lesson and then pass away. It is supposed to die. It is supposed to be cast down, like all of man’s religious interpretations and traditions and doctrines and teachings.

We are all on a journey. We are to walk away from all that we have known and come to know and love of the world and its fleshly choices and ways, and seek the Father’s way. That way is the LORD. It is Jesus Christ, Yahusha Messiah, the Spirit of the LIVING GOD. He is one who died a physical death, but who was resurrected in a glorified body by the Spirit of a Loving Father who gave a part of himself so that we could live with him forever.

God gives his Firstfruit, his chief and first and best part of himself so that his children would live forever, in a glorified and proven and perfected portion of himself that first takes vengeance upon those who will not choose to love and serve him and their brethren, and then dies to that wrath and repents of that wrath because he remembers how flawed and simple we are. We are merely dust. His love and mercy overtake his wrath and vengeance. He chooses to love us. He delights in his mercy and so must we. If he has revealed a portion of his true nature to us, we’ll see that he is a loving God, not a vengeful one. He doesn’t want to destroy us. He wants to fulfill us with his Spirit and great love.

Man’s interpretations and doctrines and religious teachings are having the opposite effect upon God’s would-be people. They are driving the servants away in droves. Man’s teachings and teachers and their words are scattering their own flocks, and that is the point. The only intercession we have is that of the Father’s Holy Spirit through the resurrected Spirit of the Living Word of the Father–the Son.

Man has inserted himself into a priesthood that was never designed to hold him there. The Father holds the Mother for a season, but then she goes off and gives birth to the children. When they are old enough to hear his voice, the Father calls the little children before him and judges whether they are fitting to be part of his Kingdom family. If you don’t believe this, then just read the Book of Daniel when he and his brethren appear before King Nebuchadnezzar to be judged fit for service in his kingdom. Remember that God himself puts up kings and takes them down. It was only when Nebuchadnezzar became vain, self-important and puffed up with “his” creations that he was humbled to the point of living for a season as a beast. But so many people haven’t read that memo. The king was humbled in his flesh until he acknowledged who was sovereign and divinely Superior to him. Only then was he restored. Even our own Creator humbles himself to his own wrath, and creates from himself, a Son who is the loving and merciful portion of himself.

Men make themselves king. Spiritual hirelings build their own kingdoms with pens or holds that are designed to entice the people into surrendering their will and their money and possessions to the one who is robbing them both physically and spiritually. They throw scraps of “food” of the Father’s Word around like tiny spiritual bread crumbs. The people who are hungry and waiting for a good Word run and grab whatever they can hold onto. They eat it and then say:

“Oh, that was such a good Word.”

But when you ask them what it means to them, they can’t really recall what was actually said or sometimes, even inferred. But they just know they received something of value, so they keep returning to the same pen where they lock themselves in for life. And I bet you can guess what happens when you lock someone into a prison. They go a little crazy.

Look at what has happened to the animals in factory farms, for example. The animals are unhealthy. They can’t move around. They can’t even go outside the enclosure. They lack health and vibrancy and individuality. Their bodies and houses are out of order. They suffer physically, mentally, emotionally, and perhaps even spiritually. They must be given lots of things like adulterated feeds and hormones and antibiotics to force them to grow in directions that nature can’t alone provide. We have seen what happens to animals that are left fighting for their lives. They still die because they are powerless to help themselves.

Are we the people who entrench ourselves in manmade religions by our own choices, established by the wills of men much different than the animals on factory farms? In some respect yes, as the animals rarely have a choice in the matter. But like us, they often go obediently and ignorantly to their own slaughter. We too have choice, yet have we too gone a little crazy and lost our senses because we’ve allowed ourselves to be held captive in misleading teachings for far too long? Have we cried out against the wrong doctrines and the injustices of the world or are we too busy judging one another with fleshly eyes and stony hearts? Have we even picked up a Bible to study it to see what it says or are we relying upon men to teach us what the Holy Spirit alone can teach?

Have religious men and women kept the Father’s flocks from feeding upon the lush green pastures where the true good Shepherd is waiting for them to meet him in the valley? Yes they have, and they continue to do so. That’s because the leaders aren’t truly seeking the face of the Father in his Son, Messiah. They are too busy crafting their own words and interpretations and kingdoms.

We can, should, and must ask such questions when we take stock of the world around us and see all of the depravity, the evil, the unloving things that are emerging in broad daylight all around us, even in our religious and “spiritual” houses. And we must ask why it is that evil is thriving if religions of men have been so successful and “Godly.”

The fact that we are not only on the cusp of a great falling away from modern religions and churches but have already fallen over the edge in and of itself may be a very good thing. But the problem is that the cliff we are standing on is very narrow. People run from one side of the cliff only to fall off of the other edge. We must meet in the middle in order to understand where are the edges of the cliff and how to get off of this insane mountaintop that religious men have managed to build for the masses with their ceremonial masses.

That doesn’t mean that such masses are worthless. Rather, it means that they have served for a season but the salt in them has lost its savor. We need to add an “i” witness to the savor. We need our Savior. It is time for the masses to return to the valley where the good Shepherd is waiting to lead his flocks and herds to victory.

The hierarchy of the religious sects are undoubtedly disturbed by the now international trend to seek the face of the Father. They are haunted by past memories of religious wars and persecutions, and rightly so. Great persecution will come with the revelation of Father’s truth in his Word. It is and always has been hard to call people out of a camp or a way of thinking or a certain lifestyle to which they have become comfortable. Growth is painful. Those who wish to preserve their lifestyle of “choice,” their fleshly ways and agendas and opinions, will do anything and everything cruel, unusual and devastatingly evil in order to preserve what are fundamentally evil ways and evil choices.

Anything that is other than the will of the Father is man’s will. It’s flesh. That flesh and will and choice serves another father, the father of the flesh, Satan. He’s the dragon of the Book of Revelation who tries to swallow up the babe the mother births. He’s that old serpent first seen in the garden of Eden. He is Father’s enmity toward mankind and the Father’s wrath upon the sin of rebellion. The fruit of that sin, “self” choice, is death. We choose death because we don’t understand the Father or the depth and purpose of his great love. It’s designed to save us first through afflictions and then from them. It is a process of transformation and growth that is required because we are unable to go from flesh into Spirit beings without his Holy Spirit helping us.

Lots of people are teaching that the Holy Spirit is dead. He only appeared in Pentecostal days of old as seen in the Book of Acts. But he is pouring out his Spirit in a double-portion blessing in these latter days. He’s turning up the volume of his voice so that he can be heard over the din of the noises of the people who are suffering. He is very much alive, and that is good news for all of the living today. He’s not out there somewhere in ethereal space. He’s right here inside of every one of the living.

He’s a living God. He is the I AM. His state of being is NOW. He is, right now, today, in you. Is he sleeping in you or has he awakened from that sleep? Is he causing you to walk in the fullness of his presence? Or are you still walking in your own presence looking for someone to tell you what he is like during perhaps an hour or two on weekends?

The choice to truly know him is yours to make! You can be a hireling and be little more than a biblical Jesus taxi, an ass, who goes from place to place refusing to let him go and minister to the people. Or you can become one with him and help him travel from place to place like a modern day taxicab so that his ministry can be driven throughout the whole world.  Those who receive him can become one with him as you are one with him and as he is one with the Father and so on and so forth. Remember that we will know the people of Messiah by their fruit, but looks can be very deceiving. We can’t know those who are truly his until he first reveals them, and himself, to us.

The Book of Mark chapter 4 verse 11 has this to say to all of the rest of us, the ones that many religious (self-righteous) persons disenfranchise (reject) because we no longer agree with them:

Mark 4:11 – And he said unto them, unto you it is given to know the mystery of the Kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables;

The will of the Father is not that we sit around discussing parables of the Scriptures. His will is that we receive his wisdom and revelation so that we can learn the true meaning of his teachings and go out and apply that wisdom in our daily walk while we are living. We are not to prepare our bodies for our death so that “some day” we’ll meet Christ in some doctrinal teaching where we have a glorious picnic in midair on some cloud. We are to prepare the way of the LORD.

We the living are to prepare a space within ourselves today, and even in the digital clouds around us as witnesses to the living so that the Spirit of the Living God, the Lord Jesus Christ (Yahusha Messiah) can enter us TODAY, right now while we are living, and dwell within us. In that process when he feels we are ready, he pours out his Spirit not just upon us, but WITHIN US because we have worked to make ourselves holy and sanctified unto him. To do this we must fully “die” to our own choices for “our” life and follow him as he instructs us to dedicate our life to his teachings and ways. When we do so, we will begin to receive the fullness of his heart, mind and Spirit. We won’t just read the words on the pages of Scripture. We’ll hear, receive and obey the Spirit of his voice that speaks to us while we are reading, and even when we are not. Our eyes and ears will be fully opened and our walk begin anew as we learn to truly love as he first loves us.

That dying to self takes will power. And as I was sitting and writing my will for the things of the flesh so that my children might receive some kind of worldly inheritance to sustain them while they learn of the true spiritual inheritance we are meant to have, the entire idea of assigning things to individuals intrigued me.

Every person receives an inheritance in the Kingdom of Heaven. But the type of inheritance that they receive has everything to do with the kind of relationship they have with the testator, the one who has to outline their last will and then die and who assigns the spoils of his kingdom before he transforms into a new creation. That is what the Father did for us. That is what he wants us to do for him. Even when the children aren’t loving or kind or good to the testator, the testator can die to themself and still rightly choose to leave an inheritance to that “unworthy” child or children, simply because they love them. That’s what a good parent (Father or Mother) does, because they see their child’s brokenness and also the potential in them to overcome it with the help of Messiah ministering to them. The good parent knows that the Almighty is able to save even his own begotten Son from the depths of hell, to resurrect him to eternal life. They also listen for the will and timing of the Father and when to leave things alone and allow God to move in mysterious ways to show everyone his glory. He doesn’t need our help, but he desires to use it if we’ll only allow him to.

The Father leads the family with commands, but it is the Mother who follows up and enforces them, even augmenting and adjusting portions thereof when required, because she knows the developmental stage of each of her children. At times she must die to self so that the Father can be the cover. And the Father at times dies to self to serve the family while the Mother covers things for a season. Together the Father and Mother die to self to cover up the sins and transgressions of their little children, because they truly love. They know that the children must be trained up properly and that during those training seasons, the children will make mistakes — sometimes horrible ones.

There is only one true “choice” that we can lawfully make, although there are myriads of unlawful choices that we can make and that will have serious consequences. The righteous choice is to hear and obey the Father’s will. Choose his ways. The Father spoke his Word in the beginning. It’s the union of the Alpha Word and the Omega Word. It is the union of the first Word, the Firstfruit of the Father seen in Genesis 1:1 and the Amen of Revelation 22:21 that is far from the last Word that will ever be spoken in eternity.

It’s the point where giving your first and chief and best always and forever is something that you choose to make happen all of the time. You don’t just do it seasonally or annually or monthly or yearly or for show or when it is convenient. You do it daily and in every minute and second of every day. And when you fail, you are quick to repent, like God who repented of his servants, because he remembered their frame was merely dust. How can we succeed if we aren’t aware of all of the mysteries of the Kingdom? We can’t. That’s why we need him. So we repent of our wrath and anger just as he does, and we serve the loving portions of ourselves and others.

That’s the point of this entire blog. It’s the tittle at the end of this sentence, the little dot, the pearl of wisdom for us to ponder. It is about the size of a grain of sand. We are to do great works eternally and intentionally, and that effort begins today. Those works don’t provide us with salvation, because that is a gift. The works we do are the evidence that we are not only called to be his, but that we actually are his, because we are bearing his fruit not just for ourselves, but for all people.

Those works begin with a transformation of our heart, mind and spirit, by the Spirit of the living Father, Yahusha Messiah (Jesus). That work begins when we honestly and sincerely repent of everything we thought we knew before, and buckle down and allow our Heavenly Father to work his mysteries within us, body and spirit.

We are being transformed into becoming the I am. We are transforming into the Firstfruits of Messiah. Something I find interesting in this story that I am just realizing here at the end of it all, is this. It’s the same as it was in the beginning. Life is a circle, and so is all that is of Father’s creation. He tells us that many that are first shall be last, and that the last shall be first.

When you take the “I” and the “AM” and unite them together, you get “IAM.” No, I don’t mean the dog food. You get something that when you reverse it, is “MAI.”  That’s a Japanese folk dance that uses hand gestures that are performed by women. Some of these dances have to do with agriculture or fishing or village life. Sounds a lot like the fishermen, doesn’t it? While men of religions have their own doctrines, they are largely fishing off of the left side of the boat. Our Yahusha (Jesus) tells them to first put their nets on the right side of the boat. When they obey, what happens? They receive more fish than they could ever hope to catch in their entire fishing careers. Then after he proves to the men that he is Messiah, he tells them to leave their nets and come and follow him.

They are to come out of their own religious doctrines and dogmas and tools and beliefs that they have formerly used to trap and ensnare people, and to walk freely under his own tutelage by his Spirit. Not only do the men who fish in the wrong way become free of their nets, so do the people they were trying to catch. They become true fishers of men.

But who are the best fishermen? The man sinned. The woman transgressed. The true fishermen are the women. They are patient and loving. They are the ones who catch the eye of the fishermen and who help them to produce the little children in the right season. They are the ones who do the will of the Father by faith. It takes great faith to believe that uniting with a man will produce offspring. And it takes faith to feed your body so that it can feed the growing child in the womb and faith to wait for Father’s timing to labor and bring forth the little children. It takes faith and endurance to raise children in any age, let alone in these dark and difficult latter days.

And it takes a leap of faith to hear the Word of the LORD coming from someone who isn’t a traditional religious man, but rather a woman, a mother who loves all of the little children of the world. She has slow eyes, eyes that meditate upon the Word. She ponders things in her heart. She has a soft heart, a heart that has been broken from stone. It has been transformed into human flesh by the sacrifice of Messiah who pours out his blood into her heart (and which flows within the veins of her vessel). She has a precise will; it’s the will of the Father.

That will chooses to love the children and the brethren, even when they don’t deserve to receive mercy or love and when they are themselves, unloving. She loves and forgives simply because the Father has first loved her. Her heart recognizes that to truly love means hard choices sometimes have to be made. But those choices aren’t rejecting people because they don’t agree with her. Those choices are to love despite rejection, despite people hating her because she chooses God’s righteousness over fleshly self-righteousness.

It all comes down to a choice. It’s not my will over yours. I pray for you to see and hear the same Spirit of the Living God in his Word, that was both written and that still speaks to you today. The reality is that it is quite simply God’s will or yours. He always prevails, so choose wisely by faith in the works of Messiah. Those aren’t just the works of his death and dying on the cross. It is his LIVING works, his resurrection work that he still does in all who love and serve the Father through him today. Those works are manifest in all who devote their lives to him by serving all of the living brethren; simply because they have learned how to truly love, directly from Messiah himself.

What does slow eyes, soft hearts truly mean? Read the Scriptures carefully. Take time to meditate on the Word daily. Allow his Spirit to go to work on your heart so you can fully repent, receive the Father’s Spirit of his Living Word in your flesh, and become like him and truly love the Father and the brethren. For loving the brethren is loving the Father in them. We are after all, made in his image. We’re supposed to be fishers of men. We’re supposed to catch the men not only to make more little fish, but to teach them about Father’s love and compassion and which side of the boat they should be fishing on.

The men are supposed to step out of that boat and walk upon the water of the Word by faith, toward Messiah, without taking their eyes off of him. Peter sank when he tried to walk on water because he lacked faith. The body is looking for faith in man’s dead religions and dead teachings of spiritually dead men of flesh. They aren’t looking for life eternal which begins here and now. They are seeking something that begins after we die. They are seeking eternal life. They may or may not receive that. Their works will be judged. We all need to repent because we see the world and the Word upside down. We need the Spiritual lens of Messiah to correct our visions.

We want life eternal, to begin now, so first get the heart of Messiah right in you. Then you’ll know when to step out of the boat and walk by faith. You won’t sink. He’ll teach you to swim and you’ll become excellent at it. His living water is something you can walk in and float peacefully in and swim the depths of and not drown but breathe in and fully receive and you will still live. You’ll have no fear to fully immerse yourself in the water of his Word, or to dive deeply and hang out in the deepest depths of those waters where we find Jonah. That’s because he is right there with you, in your Spirit to save you by repentance and faith in him just as he did when all of Jonah’s hope seemed lost.

The Word tells us that the true mysteries and treasures of the Kingdom are hidden in “divers” places. We read that word like “diverse,” but that’s now what it truly means. Those divers places are where we have to dive deeply in the Scriptures to find all of the hidden pearls of wisdom that are revealed by the Spirit. Many of them are found within the “unclean” things like in the oceans and their creatures (i.e. oysters). They are things that take an irritant like a piece of sand (a tiny stone) and build up layers upon layers of protective shell around that sand, in order to (and over time) transform that sand into a precious and valuable pearl.

Matthew 13:46 – Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it.

It’s time for the lame to take up their mat and walk. That mat is Matthew. It is walking by faith in Messiah and putting our trust in his LIVING AND RESURRECTED Spirit. It is the will to repent from our sins daily and to do what the Father tells us to do when he speaks to our Spirit with his living Voice, today. It is not following the doctrines and teachings of men of flesh who tell us how to “do” God. It is following the Holy Spirit’s leading today, who tells each individual what their particular portion of his priesthood looks like.

Revelation 21:21 – And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; every several gate was of one pearl: and the street of the city was pure gold, as it were transparent glass.

There are twelve gates to the city in the Kingdom of Heaven, but there are several gates. The several gates are of one pearl. That is one pearl of wisdom. We don’t yet know what that looks like, but we’re being led to seek that truth. All it takes is one pearl, one treasure, one divine Word to open the eyes of the blind, to open the ears of the deaf and/or to cause the lame to walk.

It doesn’t mean there are multiple ways into the Kingdom. It means that in order to enter into the gate, the sheep gate that is Messiah, you must sever all of your own ways and follow the Father’s way. It’s like a divine twelve-step program, but one of those steps is a misstep. One of the disciples was a devil. That disciple is the part of you that hasn’t died to self. We must throw down our nets and choose to follow Messiah by faith in order to enter into his Kingdom by the only lawful way there is.

It is by the fullness of the love of Messiah. When you become one with him, you become the image of his resurrected love. You become the image and likeness of the Father’s Law of Love fulfilled in you by the Spirit of Messiah in you. Those are the works that he is seeking from us.

Be that. Be loving. Have that will, and you won’t need any of the spoils of this world. But go ahead and leave an inheritance for your children. But that inheritance should not lack the most important Word we have, Yahusha Messiah. It is the love of the Father for his Son who is hidden in us. We shouldn’t leave dead manmade religions and their idolatry to our children. We should be leaving a living God in our flesh as a witness to the true path toward his righteousness. That’s the legacy we should be leaving: his Word made flesh.

Revelation 21:22 – And I saw no temple therein: for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it.

There’s no temple in the Kingdom. The Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it. That lamb is to be you. You must die to self to allow the Lord God Almighty’s Spirit within your heart, mind, body and Spirit, now, today, before you die. He requires you to submit to him, willingly, not to some manmade theology. He doesn’t serve a sun or a moon, nor does he request or require you to do so either, no matter what men of flesh will try and often insist on teaching you. I know there will be many who will argue this point, but that’s because they don’t yet have the love of Messiah within their hearts. They are still learning and growing, and we let them, but we still speak the truth.

Revelation 21:23 – And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof.

Remember that God is a God of purpose. He states his entire purpose in his eternal Law. It is outlined in the written Word, the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last word. It is the Firstfruit and the Amen together. The body of the Scriptures seen and unseen, written and spoken are the body of the Father and Mother united as One in the Word made flesh, in us. We are to be a united family of One just as the written and the Word Father speaks to our Spirit are to be united. The Word fulfilled is his eternal Law of Love. It is a bread that is fulfilled. No longer is it to be broken into pieces and given away in portions, in bread crumbs, in man’s “tithes.” We don’t give one tenth of all we have unless we are holding onto the things of this world. We are to give away the first and best and greatest portions of ourselves so that we can bear one another’s burdens. The Father’s (and Mother part of himself) is his first and best and chief portion of all that our Heavenly Father does and thinks and says, forever. The Firstfruit is Messiah and the Firstfruit of him in us is the Word made flesh in us.

It’s the jot and the tittle. It’s the stroke of a pen of a strong right Spiritual arm in the strong “write” hand of the one who acts as divine scribe for the Holy Spirit. Unless our righteousness exceeds the scribes and Pharisees of the religions of men, we are doomed. Our works can’t continue to copy and paste and reflect the same images that we have been teaching for centuries. Those images and works have become muddied like an image that is photocopied millions of times and which becomes blurry and distorted over time. We must do a new thing. Behold, Messiah makes all things new — all things. You can’t go back to the old ways and do them, because they have passed away. All old things have become new. They are a new creation, just as the Father creates himself anew in the Son.

Matthew 13:52 – Then said he unto them, Therefore every scribe which is instructed unto the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that is an householder, which bringeth forth out of his treasure things new and old.

We are going to see some old things that are transformed and made new. They don’t pass away. We’re just going to have their meanings revealed to us in Father’s divine timing. We’re going to seek and find, his great pearls of wisdom among the shifting sands of time and the religious works that have already been done. We’ll be able to sift the wheat from the chaff and leave the things behind that no longer serve us as mature adults in the Word. The body has grow sufficient in age to where we are finally ready to step out in faith and do the works that Messiah calls us to do.

We can no longer stand idly by and allow evil to rule over us. We must take a stand and fight back with our words, not with wars. We who know more than the generations before us have the responsibility to be the voice for the ones who don’t have access to the knowledge or the Spiritual wisdom that we do. We have been freely given this wisdom by the Spirit of Father’s revelation, and we are to freely give it as well. We are to be the woman at the well. And we are to offer a cup of the living water of Messiah to the people, just as the Samarian woman at the well did. She was the first to notice that Messiah had come. And the reward for her honesty and faith was that he revealed his priesthood to her, first. You want to be the one at the well. You want to drink of his wisdom. Where were his disciples, the men? They were off buying food for their stomachs, for their flesh.

The tiny pearl at the end of this blog is important for us to ponder. Life begins in the womb as a tiny grain of sand. And yet even the period at the end of delivery (whether babe or a Word) is still larger than the still small voices of the unborn ones crying out for salvation from the wombs of their mothers. Allow the little child in you to stand up and fight for the generations of those who are walking around this Earth still spiritually asleep.

Do you know that the Word tells us that the Earth was created to be inhabited? It will be inhabited by something or someone, and that someone is supposed to be us.

Isaiah 45:18 – For thus saith the LORD that created the heavens; God himself that formed the earth and made it; he hath established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited: I am the LORD; and there is none else.

Instead of inhabiting an Earth that was created to be a Garden of Eden, we’re killing one another first with our words and then with our works. In the process of all of our fleshly works and choices, we’ve lost not only the respect of all life, but a desire to love anyone other than ourselves. The result is that today’s generations are destroying the planet and all who live or who can ever potentially live and thrive upon it. We don’t believe God’s Word, and we don’t believe the Word when he speaks through his people who truly are believers. We have become accusers of the brethren. We are become just like our fleshly father Satan.

The Spirit of the I AM in me is here to tell you that there is a far more excellent way. That way is among the very few things that we are allowed by the Father to actually covet. We aren’t to covet the material things that are left behind by dead men and women who write out wills that aren’t worth the paper they’re written upon.

The more excellent way is the Spirit of Messiah, the will and Spirit of the Father’s Holy and Living Word made flesh within us. We are to unite our spirit with his and become like little gods. Yes, we are like little gods in training when we choose to repent and fully unite with him in this life to serve him and our brethren (in whom he resides and desires to reside). He’s the only one who can teach us how to truly love and to live in peace on this planet now and in the Heavenly realm when our physical bodies are called to leave this place.

In this day when fleshly people are making life all about “choice,” choose true life and true liberty. That life is eternal. It’s fruit is a true inheritance for us now and for our children today and for future generations. But if there aren’t any future generations because we have killed them all today, the Earth will be destroyed because it was created to be inhabited. We all have access to the good book. What we do with it when his Spirit comes to reveal his wisdom to us, is always and eternally, ours to choose.

Choose Father’s will and his way. His way is life eternal, and peaceful service to him and to the brethren. Choose Messiah today and learn how to truly Love, Father’s way. Repent. Expect to receive him. Search his Word. Pray. Cry out to him. In making these choices, you won’t just produce Firstfruit today. You’ll become it now and forever and your Firstfruits will produce a bountiful harvest.

That one Word, that one pearl of Father’s wisdom, that one tittle that can change any heart that comes across it, should first and foremost be HIS, not yours. It’s his first and best of all he is and says and does. It’s his Eternal Love.


Choose that.

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