A simple meal

Here’s A Good Word For Every Day. Shema. It is a Hebrew word that means “hear and obey.” Here’s a fuller translation according to the Holy Spirit. It really means “hear and obey by faith.” It means to listen and to do something, by faith.

True faith is NOT entirely what man teaches. It’s a portion of the Father’s truth. It’s temporary food, like milk to a baby. As Jesus Christ said upon his cross/stake/tree before his physical body died,

“Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.”

We really don’t know what we are doing when we’re babes, do we? We’re all men and women and children who are walking around on this Earth that the Scriptures clearly identifies as “evil.” We are in a fallen world, a fallen state, a state of Spiritual blindness. We are like a person who is “up a creek without a paddle.”

When that occurs, you are floating mercilessly in a small boat and left subject to the current of the creek or stream or river or sea. There is little you can do about changing the direction of the boat. That’s a metaphor for life. However, the good news is that you are only floating in a boat on a creek, which by its very nature, is only a small stream. You can easily step out of the boat onto dry land if you would just stand up.

And so is the lesson for today for all people. Religions of men, which range from “no” religion or rather the religion of self, all the way to the highest faith and Spirit-filled religions of men to the lowest and darkest religions of the lowest “demon” (de-man), are all manmade religions.

We need to seriously get over our foolish pride. All that we do is the work of our hands or our body. It’s all manmade. And what happens with all of man’s creations? They all eventually give way and degrade and fall apart and/or die. Many of the best works are toppled by forces far more powerful than they, such as when a beautiful church burns to the ground or a statue topples during a Roman invasion and it lies in ruins for centuries, or when shifting sand dunes bury ancient artifacts. At some point, all of man’s works must either be broken apart or endure a transformation.

People who are fleshly hear another fleshly person teaching something and then they follow that fleshly person and begin to do what that fleshly person is teaching, because it tickles their flesh. It feels good to them. It allows them to keep their own fleshly ways they are walking. It doesn’t require them to change too much about their life. They can just go to “church” or “synagogue” or “assembly” or any congregation or meeting hall and sit for an hour or two or ten, and feel good and fellowship with other like-minded people and then go home and go back to their life largely unchanged.

Maybe they get a “revelation” based on the fleshly teaching they are listening to, and that is a good thing, but that revelation isn’t always applied in their life over time so that it can transform their behavior their mindset or their heart. All it does is reinforce the behavior of returning to the same source to receive another portion, another bread crumb. Bread crumbs are good for those who are just looking for a little snack. But to someone who is starving, they can’t get enough of them. They must go off and find the source of the bread crumbs so they can eat a larger portion.

People leave religions of men, doctrines of men, interpretations of men, because they are only designed to feed people for a short season. The flesh is designed and destined to fail. When a person gets hungry enough for the true gospel of the Father, which is his will and testament, his Son, they leave the doctrines and teachings of men in search of something far more satisfying. They go to the chief baker himself. And he says:

“Get out of the kitchen. It’s too hot in here. You’ll get burned!”

And he scares the little children out of the kitchen. But in the other room is the Father’s Son, who says:

“Come to me and I will feed you.”

So the little children follow him. The doctrines of old men are the foundation of the faith. They are the beginning, the lower part of the wall that surrounds the fortress of the Kingdom of Heaven. But people who are babes are down on the ground of the field and are crawling around looking for the wall. They aren’t old enough in the Word to be able to stand up for themselves and to walk yet. They are trying to stand but they keep falling down. That’s okay, because given time, they will figure it out, eventually, hopefully.

But because their eyesight is still somewhat limited (because the growth of their body and mind and heart is still underdeveloped), they are groping around kind of like blind men in the dark. They can’t find the doorway. The problem is in the heart and mind. They don’t have strong faith. Their legs, their walk by faith is still underdeveloped. Only when you stand up and begin to walk toward the wall in faith will the doorway to the way in come into focus.

Some people can crawl toward the door in faith and that’s good. If you can get to the door by crawling, then just cry out. The Son will reach down and pick you up as a loving Father does to his tiny infant son. Or you can learn to stand in the field and begin running toward the door when you see your Father standing in that doorway. Run to him in faith, like a little child. There is greater effort required, but you get there so much sooner.

The gospel of the Father, the Old Testament, is the fullness of the Father, however portions of him are hidden to the hearts and minds of the people whose hearts are still hard and their necks still stiff. There is an entire lesson on being yoked that is hidden here in the lesson of the virgin, and perhaps we will go into that in another lesson. But suffice it to say that the yokes we place upon our own shoulders, or the yokes of the families into which we are born are yokes that the Spirit of Messiah desires to free us from so that we can come follow him.

His works are a new creation that occurs when his Spirit transforms ours.

His works are brought forth by his Spirit in you when you join your body and Spirit with his. His works are not the religious doctrines, traditions and interpretations of men of flesh. That is the will of the fathers of men who want to do their will in you. Allow the Father to do his will in you. That will, the thing that he leaves behind for you when you die to your flesh is your inheritance. Everyone’s inheritance is spelled out in the Torah, depending upon which portion of the part of the Father that you are allowed to see, and that you decide you want to follow.

The bad news is that the Torah, the portions of the Father who is angry at the rebellious sinners who are the Israelites, is the portion of the Father that many people today are trying to re-teach and reimagine and relive, when that portion has already been dolled out and those people and the wrath that belonged to them, is already dead — that is unless you are trying to resurrect the dead rebellious Israelite spirits in your flesh.

The wrath of the Father has already been killed. The enmity of the flesh is already dead and buried. It was planted into the ground through the blood and water that poured out from the side of the Ark of the Covenant. That ark was the body of Yahusha/Yeshua or the translated Joshua who was once crucified, dead, buried and resurrected, and who became a new creation himself.

“Behold I make all things new.”

Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the new name of the namesake of the Father, and yet his name as Yahusha, means Yahuah is salvation.

Now some people have, and will raise an argument about “linguists” and argue every which way until a month of Sundays comes to pass. But the bottom line is that this is what the WORD says about “the name” of our Savior. Check it out:

Act 4:10 – Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even by him doth this man stand here before you whole.

Act 4:11 – This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner.

Act 4:12 – Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

The name of the Lord is the name given among men whereby we must be saved. It’s:

And a second witness was there before this first.

Act 3:6 – Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.

You see, the Father could swear by none greater than himself. That’s the carnal law. But the Most High God isn’t carnal, as far as we can tell. He’s Spirit. So who is the “god” who is carnal. You can ponder that one. The law says that men are not to enter into an oath with anyone, unless it is the Lord.

Numbers 30:2 – If a man vow a vow unto the LORD, or swear an oath to bind his soul with a bond; he shall not break his word, he shall do according to all that proceedeth out of his mouth.

The interesting thing is this:

1 Chronicles 16:16 – Even of the covenant which he made with Abraham, and of his oath unto Isaac,

He made a covenant with Abraham, but an oath unto Isaac.

Numbers 30:13 – Every vow, and every binding oath to afflict the soul, her husband may establish it, or her husband may make it void.

The husband of the bride is able to establish a binding oath or make it void. That’s what the Son does. The Father isn’t married to anyone. He’s by himself. But the Son has a bride that is being prepared for him, so that he can procreate a new Kingdom (in essence).

Note that Jesus could “swear” in faith by his Father, as he did when he called upon him for his power to heal people. He did the works of his Father in his Father’s name according to his will. This requires faith in someone greater than himself. That’s just how it works. Faith is what is required to manifest healing because it is what cries out to the Father in Heaven through the Son.

In order to perform miracles on Earth, our Father manifest a portion of himself that would (without doubt) know him and believe in him. So he raises up a “prophet” like unto a carnal man (Moses). But this Son of man would be perfect in works and in Spirit, unlike Moses who lacked faith, and thus prove the Living Word righteous and just and good and perfect.

Why do people lack faith? They lack it when they haven’t met the Father through his Son yet, or they have but they don’t fully understand him or his power! But that’s okay. His arm is not too short to save anyone, and that’s good news!

Our faith grows from glory to glory and from faith to faith. We are given a measure of faith. When we put our faith together, that measure grows, and so does our faith level, because all that the Father does is fruitful and multiplies!

Jesus Christ is his Father’s own Word, works and will. To us he’s Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He’s Lord. He’s the possessor of his people. He owns our Spiritual “title,” our papers. That’s the book in which our name is written. He bought and paid for us with his blood. He’s the inheritance of the Father for the sons and daughters who follow his way, by faith (and who do his works). The Father’s will is written, but it has been mixed with the works of the hands of men. We must learn how to use right judgment in every case that we find written within, which is there for us to examine, to translate and to rightly apply to the recipients of the inheritance.

The funny thing about a will is that someone has to die in order for that will to be enacted. And when someone gives a testament about their relationship to the Father, they and their witnesses must prove the legitimacy of the recipient’s inheritance. And so is the purpose of the New Testament. It clearly defines Christ’s relationship with the Father. He is his Father’s Son. Those who follow him are transformed by the Spirit body of Messiah to receive a peaceful inheritance of mercy, forgiveness and eternal love.

It is the people who believe in the Son and in the mercy and forgiveness that he gives to the body of those who persecuted and executed him, who will receive a righteous inheritance, if they repent. But there are people who are still trying to gain their inheritance in a fallen land through doing the works of the Law of Moses, the Law of Torah portions and the Law of Wrath upon unrepentant Sinners.. They do not yet fully understand that you cannot receive a righteous inheritance by the works of the Levitical priesthood of the flesh. Your works don’t justify you for an inheritance except for an inheritance in a fallen land. You cannot justify your Spirit by any fleshly works. You cannot obtain any inheritance by your works. It is a gift of the Father through the Son.

Why do you desire to inherit the wrath of God upon your sinful flesh? Why wouldn’t you desire to inherit the mercy and forgiveness of the Lord upon your repentant flesh? We get to choose which portion of the Father we desire to have as our judge when we stand before him on the last day. I know which portion of the Father I desire to stand in front of–the Son of his mercy by faith.

But get this. The really good news is that the wrath of the Father upon the sinners has already been dealt with. It was handled by the Son, who died innocent and yet forgiving the ones who were sinners, so that no more wrath would ever be poured out upon anyone — except for the sinners who pour out their fleshly wrath upon others. They are the accusers of the brethren.

Don’t be like them. Love your neighbor as yourself. Love your enemies. They need your mercy and forgiveness. Don’t have a hard heart. Don’t reject your brethren. Jesus doesn’t reject you. He forgives you. Why don’t you forgive others? I know. It’s because your heart is still hard. Your neck is still stiff. Maybe you should stop looking up at the stars and the sun and the moon and look deep within yourself to see that the Kingdom of God is within. It isn’t without.

When you fail to forgive and turn the other cheek, you fail to forgive God. You lack his love. You don’t have his Spirit or his Son within you, although you tell yourself that you do. No. What you may have is some knowledge of the Son, but you don’t have his nature or his Spirit. You have a form of holiness, but you don’t know his holiness, or you would act like him. You wouldn’t exalt yourself above him.

“I’m not exalting myself about him. I’m humble!”

Are you? You are defending yourself because you feel conviction. I can ask because I see you failing to forgive others for when they are still babes in the Word and they don’t know what they are doing. They said something to you that you didn’t understand or you didn’t even speak to them about, and you rejected them. You disagreed with their doctrine. You rejected them. You turned them away. You accused them of being of another spirit. You won’t even take their phone calls now. You unfriend them on social media.

“Oh, I’m just shakin’ the dust brother!”

No. You’re being hard hearted. You’re being unloving. You hate God.

“I don’t hate God!”

Yes you do. When you hate your brethren, you hate God. when you refuse to forgive and to love them, you are making yourself higher than God. He loves and forgives everyone, so why can’t you? You can’t simply because you know not what you are doing. But now that you have learned something new, you can apply it with greater wisdom.

Everyone is made in the image of God. They may not yet be in the likeness of him, but they’re made in his image. They’re just a little out of focus at the moment. We must love one another as we love ourself. We’re all his image. We’re all a bit broken and out of focus. We just need to be transformed by his will to become his likeness. That takes time, and it takes power.

We are fleshly beings. We can’t transform our flesh into the Spirit that looks like our Father. He has to do that transformation in us, and we have to allow him to do it to us, voluntarily. He isn’t going to force us to change or to choose his way. He is asking us to choose him. That’s the choice we are allowed to make. He says:

“You wanted choice in the garden? Okay. You get to choose who you are going to become like. You are either going to become like the serpent or you are going to become like me. Whom do you wish to choose?”

Then we choose. And as we make choices that make us look like the serpent, we learn that serpents live in holes, pits. They have restrictions. They eat dust. they slither on the ground. They can’t walk. They can’t easily climb. They get stepped on and crushed. They must hibernate. They need the sun to keep warm, and so on. We begin to desire something better and we begin shedding our serpent skin.

All things created by God go through transformations. We understand this easily when we look at the trees and the four seasons of nature. We see this up close and personal when we give birth to children and watch them grow. We can achieve change in our fleshly selves, but we don’t seem to know how to transform our Spirits in the same manner, and that is the problem.

Flesh cannot transform itself into Spirit without a true Spirit-leader. That leader is Messiah, the Father who is transformed by his own Spirit of Love and Mercy, into the Son, a new version of himself that has all of the components of the Father and of his mother combined inside of his body. That’s a crafty cover for the Spirit Father and the fleshly mother who combined to make a new creation in their Son. That Son has the Spirit of the Father and the fleshly body of the mother as one.

That is what the Spirit of the Resurrection, the Father’s will, the inheritance of the body, desires for you. He desires to place his Spirit into your body, into your mind, heart and soul, to take up your Spirit as his dwelling place. He desires to make you into a new creation so that you will become the Word made flesh yourself. He desires to fill you to make you someone in whom he is well pleased.

Luke 3:22 – And the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily shape like a dove upon him, and a voice came from heaven, which said, Thou art my beloved Son; in thee I am well pleased.

His Spirit wants to fully possess us, but only if we will him to do so, and only in a way where we willingly surrender to his love. His Spirit isn’t demonic. He is loving and kind and merciful and good. He desires a cooperative union so that together his Spirit in our body may do the works of the Father as his Son (or daughter).

There is another spirit that wants to fully possess you and make you part of his inheritance so that he can control you and do whatever he wants to do by using your body for himself. He’s Satan. He wants to own you and make you do evil things. He is everything that hates the Father’s will, the Son. The will of the Father is that we love one another as he first loves us. He loves us so much that he gives us a choice whom we will serve. The Devil only wants one choice. He wants us to be ignorance of our ability to choose so that he can creep in unawares and take over our body with his spirit.

At any rate, choose this day whom you will serve. If you choose the flesh, then the god you serve is the God of wrath upon sinners. The reward for sin is eternal death and separation from all that is good and loving and kind. You will be in eternal torment with no way out. The only real choice you have is to choose to serve the Lord of Mercy and Forgiveness. The reward for that service is eternal life. Die to yourself today and judge yourself as the sinner that you are. Repent and do good. Refrain from every evil and you will inherit the Son. Choose him and follow him and do what he tells you to do.

When the Father speaks to you, you have a choice to make. The choice you make must be the right choice. You must take the loving choice. You must choose to love. If you choose not to love, then you are following your flesh. You are following another god, Satan. Every time you choose not to love and forgive, you are choosing Satan. You’re going to have to redo the lesson, because you haven’t learned how to make the right choice.

Men of flesh learn of “God” from their parents, as babies. We learn within the confines of the culture and the family in which we are raised. Of course our parents are just as flawed and fallen as we are. It will take a higher power, another Spirit who is not flesh but who knows all flesh, to train us up in the true way of the Spirit. We are going to need an intervention at some point in our life. That intervention will come when we cry out in sincerity to the Father in Heaven. It usually occurs when our bad choices after our flesh have brought us down low. We are at a low point in our life. We don’t know which way to go. We feel lost, afraid, fallen, broken, and very alone. And yet in that precise moment of our life, we recognize our separation from the Father on a Spiritual level, and we cry out for his salvation.

He hears us and responds. He reveals himself to us. Every single person can hear his voice, see his works, and find him, if we only open our eyes and ears and receive him. His is the still small voice that is gently guiding us to help us make the right choices. Of course we can easily override that voice and drown it out with our emotions and our wrath and fear. Or we can quiet ourselves in the moments when we are facing difficult things, and listen for his direction. He is always speaking to us. But the state of our heart and the voices in our head often override his voice, so we miss him.

Yet he never gives up on us, even when we reject him. He keeps trying to reach us until he does. Here’s the interesting thing about the Father, and about we as his children. We are forgetful. He constantly tells us to “remember.”

“Remember the Sabbath.”

I won’t get into a long discussion here just yet about the Sabbath, but God isn’t talking about man’s interpretations of the “Sabbath.” Men have already forgotten that the “week” used to be based on eight days, not seven. They have forgotten the mid-week Sabbath rest. At any rate, God is speaking about his Sabbath rest. He is speaking about the day he lays his natural law of death upon all fallen creation down, and rests from that wrath. He is speaking of the seventh “day,” the greatest portion of himself, his Son. He is speaking of his eternal mercy which supercedes his wrath.

Yes, God can manifest wrath as a punishment for “sin,” the choice to be fleshly which creates and destroys. But he rests from his works, his destruction upon his creation on the Sabbath. He rests from the sin punishment upon the portions of creation that fall. He knows that even the rotten fruit that falls from the tree will transform over time in the soil to become fertilizer for the seed that the fruit contains, and that will grow a new tree which can produce ripe fruit. He stops destroying things once all of his work is finished.

What does Jesus do when it is his appointed time? He is the Passover Lamb, the one who is slain so that all man’s sins can rest in his innocence and in his Father’s forgiveness of sin against that innocence. He says:

“It is finished.”

The wrath of the Father ends with the sacrifice of the Son.  He dies in innocence yet forgives the sinners. His wrath dies forever.

Isaiah 54:8 – In a little wrath I hid my face from thee for a moment; but with everlasting kindness will I have mercy on thee, saith the LORD thy Redeemer.

He forgives the little children for they know not what they do. They are innocent. They are fallen but they fell because they didn’t understand what they were and are doing, and that’s okay. We’re all forgiven. He’s longer mad at us because of Messiah’s works. He takes the sin punishment in all those who receive him by faith. All we must do is receive him by faith and he can begin to transform us. But we don’t just say:

“Yup. I receive you. I’m sorry!”

And then we go and do whatever we want. No, we must truly repent so that he can begin to transform our understanding of his love in us and toward one another. Then we must act upon the love that he reveals to us, through the works of our hands.

But people are teaching others to build booths and to live in them like Jacob’s cattle, without understanding that the people were never commanded to build booths for themselves, unless they are still living as beasts. They need to repent and go back and see what Jacob built for his family and for his cattle.

Genesis 33:17 – And Jacob journeyed to Succoth, and built him an house, and made booths for his cattle: therefore the name of the place is called Succoth.

We have a bunch of blind leaders teaching blind followers how to build “sukkahs” during the feast of Tabernacles, to live in them for a solid week like a bunch of veal calves. They have made themselves golden calves. They are following the calves of men, their walks and their ministries, right into the pit. Then they reject the brethren who try to warn the that the works they are doing is the works of babes in the Word. They are hardhearted, stiff-necked babes! Those branches they are using to build those cattle huts are cut off from the living trees. They don’t even see that part of the lesson. But that’s okay, because it is supposed to be only for a season until we realize the bondage of the works of men that are able to only eat the Torah portions.

That Torah is unfulfilled until Messiah comes along. Then he tells you to leave your Father’s house and come and follow him.

The question is whether or not you are willing to listen to the voice of the Father (the Son) speaking to you when he calls you out of that house, that booth you have been resting in once a year. If you are ready to rest in him, you’ll leave those religious traditions and take up his cross and do what he tells you to do. He’ll create a new doctrine in your heart and life — his. And in that process he will teach you what his Word really says. It won’t be like the doctrines of men. It will have portions of it incorporated into it, but you will have a proper understanding of which portions serve and which you must cast down. You will finally understand because he knows what you are lacking. He fulfills all of the missing pieces in you and in those you touch.

You see, God sends a part of himself down to the Earth to redeem us because of our choice to learn about him and about ourselves. Being fallen is the only way we’re going to learn of him and to be able to freely choose to serve him. We have to fall to freely choose. It’s the process God created. But he also created the process of reconciliation for those who choose to return to him to serve.

Because he created the process, he had to create evil so that we’d have a choice. And he repents of his evil and of his servants, and forgives us so that we can be reconciled. It is a baby’s fault if he touches something he is unaware of that has the power to kill him? No. He doesn’t understand the consequence of touching that thing yet. The parent may sound angry or get flustered because they are fearful of harm coming to that child, but their reaction comes out of their great love for that babe. It’s a metaphor for the Father’s love. That parent’s reaction frightens the babe for a moment, but once the parent picks up the child and loves on it, the babe forgives and forgets their parent’s reaction.

Perfect love casts out fear.

Your brethren are afraid of what you bring before them. They run from what they don’t yet fully understand, and you have to be an understanding parent to know this. You must overcome their fear with perfect love. But if you are still a babe yourself and you are wielding the sword of the Spirit, you are going to hack away at the Word and not do it proper justice. You may slay a few hearts in the process, and that’s still okay. The Messiah is the great healer of all broken hearts and wounded men.

Just don’t go around trying to wound people. If you do that, then forgive them for how they respond to you. And teach them to forgive their brethren for none of us know yet in full, what we are doing. But those who receive the Spirit of Messiah will learn of him and learn how to deliver his Word in his right judgment to do the Word and the brethren proper justice.

The new creation that he transforms you into once you sanctify yourself and allow him to fully dwell within you, will look strange to your brethren. It may scare some of them away. It may offend some people’s hearts. They won’t necessarily understand you. Some of them will but others will reject you. It hurts for a moment, but it’s really all okay. You see, the inheritance of the Sons (and daughters) is the Spirit of Messiah, the Spirit of the Father’s promise of a resurrection being played out in your Spirit. You won’t look or sound or act like you did before. You’ll become a new creation. You’ll be transformed.

There are a lot of people running around preaching man’s religious doctrines who are saying:

“I’m a new creation.”

No you’re not yet if you’re still unloving, if you’re still rejecting the brethren the Father sends to help you understand how to truly love as he does. When your brethren begin to disagree with you, you cast them out. You turn away from them. You no longer take their phone calls. You “unfriend” them socially. You imagine every kind of evil against them, even when they have done you no evil at all. They pray for you and you say:

“Well, I heard your voice ‘change’ when you were praying.”

They suddenly imagine that you are possessed. They are looking at a mirror of their heart and are projecting it onto you. They imagine they know your heart when they don’t even know their own. They are the ones who are still fleshly. You were praying for them. You were doing them a service. But now they suspect you of being ‘evil’ because they fear what they don’t understand. They fear the unfamiliar. They try to step out in faith but they return to what they know because it is familiar. They need to repent of those familiar spirits. It’s the evil in their heart that is plaguing them. You have only brought forth the Father’s good will. They reject you. They run when they hear Father’s voice. The hearts of men of flesh are desperately wicked. We need a heart transplant. We need to receive the heart of the Father, the Son’s heart.

Men want to control how you speak, how you think, how you worship, which Bible version or Scriptures you apply to your life and your walk. They argue with you. They resist the Holy Spirit. They are serving their own spirit, a fleshly spirit. It’s iniquity. It’s sin. Actually, it’s transgression if they don’t know what they are doing. It’s sin if they do it because of ego or pride or to gain something from the other person, like their money.

Did you know that the woman in the garden transgressed when she ate of the tree? She didn’t know what she was doing. The man Adam, sinned. He knew better but he chose sin. That’s iniquity. Both have turned away, but one was due to ignorance and the other was due to purposed choice.

The interesting thing about choice and the garden is that there are many different trees in that garden, just as there are many different fish in the streams, the creeks, the rivers, the lakes and the seas. God isn’t a creator and maker of one thing. He creates and makes many things. Yet all that he creates and makes fits together in a unified, holy and beautiful realm of his creation. It’s mankind who makes what the Father creates and the Son makes, and turns it into a pile of dung. We’re all so busy “interpreting” the Holy Scriptures with our alterations and additions and subtractions that we miss the entire point of the Scriptures.

The voice of the Father is spoken by the Son. The spoken Word supersedes the written Word. The written Word is a shadow, a record, a portion of the living Spirit. Hear his voice that he speaks to all of the living. Recognize that the written Word is a dead work. It is a creation of the works of the hands of men who are now dead. But the Spirit of the living God can use even dead works of dead men to teach us powerful lessons. And the living God works through the hands of the living men and women to speak to us.

Do you know that the resurrection raises up both the dead and the living? Some who are dead are going to serve the god of the flesh as evil spirits. That evil will be destroyed in the end. Those who arise in Christ (by his anointing) are going to serve the Lord of the resurrection unto life.  It isn’t going to look like the creations of men, although they will all play a role in the final resurrection process.

In this latter season, the Son who is the living Spirit and voice of the Father, is speaking to his people. The son is the promise that was spoken that all can be resurrected when they die to sin and hide themselves in his mercy.

But men of wrath and sin are teaching the people that God is a God of wrath, not mercy. Look at what the Father says to us:

Isaiah 66:1 – Thus saith the Lord, The heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool: where is the house that ye build unto me? and where is the place of my rest?

Where is the place that the Father of creation rests? He rests in the Sabbath, in his Son’s works of forgiveness and mercy. He doesn’t rest in his wrath because it kills the Spirit.

Verse 2:

For all those things hath mine hand made, and all those things have been, saith the LORD: but to this man will I look, even to him that is poor and of a contrite spirit, and trembleth at my word.

The Father looks to those who look like his Son. The Father trembles at his own wrath. Since there is no one greater than himself who can take his wrath, he repents of it and chooses instead to love and forgive. That’s the best portion of himself, the portion of himself which pleases him, in which he delights. He delights in his mercy and forgiveness. So the Father elaborates on what man does. Mankind kills all of the workers of the field. Man kills them and eats them for lunch.

Verse 3:

He that killeth an ox is as if he slew a man;…

(the oxen in Scriptures are men who plow fields and bear burdens and break ground)

…he that sacrificeth a lamb, as if he cut off a dog’s neck;…

(The Lamb of God is his Son. Dogs are scavengers and even they eat the crumbs found under their Master’s table.)

…he that offereth an oblation, as if he offered swine’s blood;

(Your gifts are unclean. He doesn’t want fleshly gifts made unto him. He wants us to give spiritual gifts. Give your gifts to those who are less fortunate, and you’ll be sacrificing spiritual gifts unto him. He wants the gifts of mercy and justice and love and forgiveness and of praise and glory unto his name, his Son.)

…he that burneth incense, as if he blessed an idol.

(Your burning of incense actually inflames God. It is your incense, your wrath, your pretense of religious works that are patterned after idolatry and ancient idols that are manmade. It isn’t the odor that is pleasing. Your works, your idols, your wrath stinks. Your flesh stinks. It’s rotten. He doesn’t want your incense. He wants us to pray for our enemies. He doesn’t want a dead memorial made of flames and ashes. He wants us to forgive our brethren who are living.)

…and their soul delighteth in their abominations.

(Your religious works and doctrines and interpretations are made with your flesh. You aren’t doing what he is asking you to do. You are too busy doing what you think he wants. It isn’t what he wants. Ask him and he will tell you. But in order for you to receive the answers that he wants to give you and not only the answers you want to hear, you are going to have to repent of your words and works and interpretations and doctrines that you have learned from other people. Only then when you get your heart cleaned up can you begin to receive his doctrine, which is love and mercy and right judgment so that you can do his Word justice and justice to his people, your brethren.)

Here is what the Father says about people who “love” according to their flesh, which is shifty and shady and dark. It isn’t really love. They are delusional. They are deceived. They lie to themselves about how holy they are while they “love” one another but reject people who don’t live like them or love like them or do “church” like them. That’s iniquity. That’s sin.

Verse 4:

“I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I called, none did answer; when I spake, they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes, and chose that in which I delighted not.

He will give you a strong delusion of your mind and heart because you didn’t listen to his voice when he spoke to you. He is the one who told you to forgive that brother or sister whom you feel “wronged” you when they didn’t actually wrong you. You wronged yourself. You had vain imaginations against them and didn’t even give them a chance to explain, nor did you even attempt to counsel them. Most of the time you didn’t even know that brother or sister or what they were doing or are dealing with, nor did you take the time to teach them properly. It’s okay, because you really didn’t know yourself. Your pride overtook your potential goodness. Repent of that pride. It will get you killed.

Men of flesh teach what they think they have received from the Lord, without understanding who it is that is giving them that “teaching,” or why they have received it. They just assume that the revelation is to be shared with everyone. In a way that is true, but first we must ask the Father who the revelation is for. You may find that what you have received is meant only for you to apply to your life right now. It cannot be properly taught by you until your heart is in the right place.

Oftentimes men whose hearts are not right toward the brethren are teaching things “of” the Lord. But because their hearts aren’t right toward the brethren, their hearts are also not right toward the Lord. They shouldn’t be teaching a revelation meant just for them. All people are made in the image of the Father. And all people are made in the image of Father’s wrath upon sinners. We must turn away from the wrath of the Father first in the manner he turns away from it — by turning toward his merciful Son. That’s all that is left of the Father once he kills his own wrath. He does this through repentance, and so much we.

Look what the Scriptures say about the wrath of the Father:

Isaiah 57:16 – For I will not contend for ever, neither will I be always wroth: for the spirit should fail before me, and the souls which I have made.

The Father says he won’t contend forever nor always be wroth, for even his own Spirit would fail, along with the souls he has made. Why? It is because his Spirit is breathed into every living soul. If he remains wrathful, everybody is going to die, including himself. So he has to die in order to forgive. He cuts off anything that offends him. But we forget that his breath is in us. He offends himself because we offend him. He has to do a new thing in order to restore the Kingdom order, which isn’t really broken down, because he knows all that will happen before he even creates it. He’s amazing in his willingness to accommodate fallen flesh so that we can freely choose him. That’s what it is really all about. His creation is given the grace to choose to freely serve — or not.

He also shows us a hidden portion. It is his will that no one who is made in the image of the Father (everyone) contend forever. When we see “for ever” above, there is a gap in the Word. That gap is a period of time. There is a period of time before there is unity in the Word. When the Word is united in lawfulness and in the Spirit of the Father’s merciful truth, the people are brought together. As long as there is a gap in the peoples’ understanding, the Word divides.

Why was the Father wroth?

Verse 17:

For the iniquity of his covetousness was I wroth, and smote him: I hid me, and was wroth, and he went on forwardly in the way of his heart.


Men of flesh who contend with one another because they don’t know the Father’s mercy or love and they resist his Holy Spirit. They are people who want to play the high priest, which he allows for a season, to teach us of our own idolatry of the flesh. Here he’s talking about the Israelites. They are the rebellious, or rather, they appear to be rebellious to fleshly people.

If you call yourself “Israel,” you are part of a rebellious house of flesh. That’s because he has not reunited Israel with Judah yet. You will need to repent of your flesh and come out of your Father’s house, like Abram did. You can learn of the teachings of men of flesh, but you are going to have to leave that house. Right now if you’re following the Syrian leader, Moses, you are following works that are being taught by fleshly men. True their hearts can’t be truly known except by the Father who is Spirit, so don’t convict your brethren because some of them are keeping the traditions out of their zeal and dedication to the Father. Not everyone’s purpose is the same in this life. It is not your job to make all men to be a disciple of your interpretation of the Word.

Don’t follow the Syrian unless you are still connected to your flesh and the father of the flesh, the spirit of Satan is causing you to pick up that oath of sin bondage. The works that he teaches will cause you to live in those works. The works of religious and secular men are bondage when they don’t acknowledge the Messiah sent by the Father or his Living Holy Spirit. With all things comes a double-edged sword. There is another side to the coin. There are things for God and things for man.

Moses wasn’t merciful at first. He slew an Egyptian without repentance and then fled from Egypt. He did return after God bid him to do so, and he told the people what to do. Even so, we forget that Moses was slow of speech and that Aaron was supposed to be the mouth, the high priest. Instead, Moses is made like a God unto Pharaoh and Aaron the mouth, but Aaron’s mouth doesn’t speak except to admit that he didn’t really know what he was doing. Aaron speaks through the rod he wields. That rod is correction and when the high priest is ready, he is going to reveal his corrections upon the body. The Israelites claim they did everything Moses told them to do, but God calls them all rebellious. That’s a word that is an example of our double-edged sword. We’re going to see this.

Verse 18:

I have seen his ways, and will heal him: I will lead him also, and restore comforts unto him and to his mourners.

We are going to see a transformation in the teachings of old and that is going to bring unity to the body. That unity comes from the comforter, the Holy Spirit. That transformation is going to show you the other side of the coin. Do you remember that coin that was removed from the fish’s mouth to pay taxes? Those are the wages of sin. Jesus said:

Mark 12:17 – And Jesus answering said unto them, Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s. And they marveled at him.

There is a division and a separation we must understand. The words of Caesar divide the people and cause them to pay taxes from their wages, to cover their sins. The leaders place burdens upon men that they don’t even demand upon their own children. The Word of the Father is the Word of the Son, the Word of mercy. He causes the tax collectors to rise and forsake their own works and those of their leaders to follow him and his ways.

The other edge of the sword of Aaron’s rod of correction is that mankind brings upon himself plagues that he never should bring forth. When we look at the plague of frogs in Exodus, we can choose to believe the lessons that men of flesh have been teaching for millenniums about the plagues brought upon Egypt. Or we can choose to believe the new creation that the Son desires to reveal to those who choose to follow him and his ways. His ways cause all who follow him to:

a.) undergo a transformation

b.) be fruitful and multiply

Here is what Exodus says in the King James Version of Scriptures:

Exodus 8:1 – And the LORD spake unto Moses, Go unto Pharaoh, and say unto him, Thus saith the LORD, Let my people go, that they may serve me.

Exodus 8:2 – And if thou refuse to let them go, behold, I will smite all thy borders with frogs:

Then Moses explains where all of those frogs are going to go. They are going to come into the house, bedchamber, bed, servants’ house, upon his people and into the ovens and kneadingtroughs. They are going to come upon Pharaoh and upon his people and servants (verses 3 and 4).

Think about this. Moses goes to Pharaoh, and Moses is saying to him what he feels the LORD tells him to say. He doesn’t translate the Word into words that the Pharaoh can understand, so there is a misunderstanding for millenniums. What Pharaoh (and all who read this passage) hears is:

“Let my people go, that they may serve me.”

Moses doesn’t tell Pharaoh that the LORD told him what to say to Pharaoh. From the perspective of Pharaoh, it is Moses himself who is demands Pharaoh to release Moses’ people. From the perspective of a ruler, the answer would of course be “no,” for Moses is making himself a god equal to Pharaoh, who believes himself to be a god.

Now the LORD tells Moses to tell Aaron:

Exodus 8:5 – …Stretch forth thine hand with thy rod over the streams, over the rivers, and over the ponds, and cause frogs to come up upon the land of Egypt.

In the days before the Spirit of Messiah comes, frogs come up and cover the land of Egypt. And everyone who is living in the bondage of fleshly men and their interpretations of the Living Word, only see the things that the Spirit of the Living God desires them to see. He puts a delusion upon their heart and mind. They remain in the afflictions and bondage of their fleshly leaders who are slow of speech.

Why do you think we must meditate upon the Word? It is so that we take the proper amount of time to digest what is being said. It is so that we study and study and read and reread until we take the time to ask the Father:

“What does this mean?”

When you acknowledge him, he will speak to you. In all our ways, we are to acknowledge him, and he will bless us.

When you truly seek his face and repent of all that you think you know and seek what he wants you to know, you will see the hidden things. We can see them in verse 7.

Exodus 8:7 – And the magicians did so with their enchantments, and brought up frogs upon the land of Egypt.

The rod of correction brought up some frogs upon the land of Egypt. But the magicians who weren’t called upon by Pharaoh copied Aaron and brought more frogs upon the land of Egypt. They brought their own plagues by adding to the Word that Aaron the high priest was given. Moses was supposed to tell Aaron what to do. It was Aaron who was supposed to be speaking to the Pharaoh, not Moses. No one asked the magicians to chime in.

When men add to or take away from the instructions of the LORD, they make matters far worse than if everybody knew their place and did things in their proper order.

The good news is that in the latter days now that the Spirit of the Living God is resurrected in his mercy and love for his people, he is going to transform our understanding and perspective of his Word, so that we can rightly apply it in every situation. We are going to learn by his Spirit, how to do his right judgment and do his Word and his people, justice.

Here is what God says about the wicked, the people who don’t receive the Father’s Son, who is dead to the wrath and who is resurrected in the promise of eternal love and mercy forever.

Isaiah 57:18 – I have seen his ways, and will heal him: I will lead him also, and restore comforts unto him and to his mourners.

19 – I create the fruit of the lips; Peace, peace to him that is far off, and to him that is near, saith the LORD; and I will heal him.

20 – But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt.

21 – There is no peace, saith my God, to the wicked.

The wicked can’t rest. They are too busy judging everyone who are resting in the Father’s “day” of rest, the works of our Messiah. The people are too busy trying to “get the victory” to notice the victor has already won the battle for them. His people are resting in the mercy and forgiveness of the Father, in his Son. But the wicked are still busy striving with their own fleshly brethren to learn “the ways” of Moses and of men. They are angry because the brethren don’t rest on the same day of the week that they do. All of the Father’s ways are higher than yours! ALL of them means all of them, even the “Sabbath” day interpretation that you are following.

Fleshly people need to put down the doctrines of men of flesh and pick up the doctrine of the Living God, the Son. He didn’t rest on the Sabbath day. He went into the synagogues to teach the leaders, to give them what they lacked. He went up late to the feasts. He also walked away from them. He healed the people of their diseases and infirmities that were caused by man’s fleshly interpretations and rejections of the “Law” that they had added to and which they take away from, to form their own opinions of how that Law is to be applied or rejected.

You can’t “do” all of the Law the way you interpret it, because part of the Law deals with sin and part of it deals with resurrecting sinners. If you don’t have the Spirit of the resurrection truly upon you, how are you going to resurrect your brethren? You can’t. You are going to kill them because you resist the Holy Spirit by virtue of the fact that you are still carrying man’s works upon your shoulders. Remove your yoke and your oaths and vows that you were never asked to carry. Those burdens were already carried by Messiah. Receive the Spirit  of Messiah and be transformed in your flesh and Spirit and he will teach you right judgment so you can do his Word justice.

Unless the Father specifically asks you to carry some burden for a season, to learn about the Law, then observe to do the Law. Meditate on the Word and on the works of men who are all around you. At some point, the oxen who tread out the corn have made the corn into fine flour and their work is done. Even the oxen get to rest. Follow the still small voice that is calling you to repent and to come out of the teachings of man and follow Messiah. He wants to set you free.

He’s going to do a new thing in you. His Spirit is going to come upon you and transform you. Then you are going to walk in your priesthood purpose that he alone assigns to you. He has created you to be a member of his body, but not all body parts look the same. We have a heart, a mind, hands, feet, eyes, ears, etc. Those who are called to be a heart cannot be a foot. Don’t try to make people into a foot who are a hand. And don’t get mad at the brethren who don’t receive you or the doctrine that the Son gives you to deliver.

Understand that someone’s ministry may be different than yours. The Father is busy working out our salvation for us. We don’t even have to do anything but allow him to work through us, and we obey what he tells us to do.

You just need to discover what body part you are. Those who belong to the body part that looks like you will join with you. Those who are another part will join elsewhere. Don’t hate your brethren because they don’t agree with you! And don’t strive with the brethren trying to convince them of your doctrines of flesh! Give what you are given, even when others reject what you give. But be sensitive to the Spirit and diligent in your flesh to repent and make sure that what you are giving is truly God’s Word and not his Word that you have changed to become flesh.

We need to transform our flesh by his Spirit so we can properly translate his Spirit of his Word. But men of flesh who have not yet allowed the Spirit to transform their flesh are teaching their doctrines as commandments. They make the Word and its power of no effect while accusing the brethren of doing the same thing.

Jesus calls the men hypocrites because he knows their heart. You don’t know another person’s heart. You can’t rightly judge them because your heart isn’t Messiah’s.

The brethren are like little baby fish. They still need to grow up and mature. They hide near the smooth stones on the shoreline. They resist the deep waters that will cause them to swim hard and to become stronger. When you grow, you change, transform, and leave your old babyhood, your old baby fishiness behind. It’s time to put away those childish things. The body is about to grow leaps and bounds. It is going to transform the way a frog does.

A frog begins as an egg laid in the water. For a season it grows gills and looks like a fish. It transforms into a tadpole. That’s a fish with a rod of correction coming out of its hind end. God has a great sense of humor. Then that tadpole begins to surface as its lungs begin to work. It becomes a toad or a frog. Some remain in and around the water’s edge. Others remain upon dry land. At any rate, because men add to the instructions of God, Egypt becomes overrun with amphibians, and what we have is a mess. People forget that Aaron is the high priest who was told to wait for his priesthood. It wasn’t time for him to speak. So by default, Moses speaks for Aaron and misleads the people for a season, causing them to go into rebellion.

This is what the people said:

“Moses, we did everything you told us to do.”

God called them rebellious. Moses was slow of speech. The Father is slow to anger. He allows us to learn about our idolatry for a season. Then he transforms our hard hearts and stiff necks into members of the body of his Son. We learn of his mercy and goodness when we turn from our sin and his wrath upon same. We become his Son, his Word made in our flesh by his Spirit. We become transformed over time, just like the frogs that covered Egypt.

Do you know what is interesting about frogs? They eat little fish, as well as unclean creeping things. They catch them with their sticky little tongues. They move so quickly you can hardly see them do it. That’s a lot like the serpent’s tongues of religious leaders who are testing the waters to see what kind of people they can devour. They are like the water moccasins (who walk on water) or the slippery eels that lurk in the depths of the ocean where they lie in wait for the fish to bump into them. Then they devour them with their really sharp teeth. They are great fishermen. They devour and kill.

Every good fisherman knows that not all fish like the same food, although all must eat. They also know that fishing in the deep end yields very different fish than those in the shallow end…and yet they are still fish regardless of which end of the lake they swim in. In the deep end is where you will find the old, infirm and the unclean, bottom feeders who consume the dead and dying things. You’ll also find the tadpoles hiding out in the deep ends.

Fish in the shallow end for the fresh young fish where the tadpoles aren’t typically found. If you catch those fish, you won’t have to worry about throwing the fish imposters (frogs) back into the water. They’ll come up out of the water in time all by themselves and you’ll be able to see who they really are. You won’t touch them unless you are rebellious and you like to eat unclean things. Sure, those frogs legs taste good in the right seasoning. But that seasoning is fleshly. That frog comes with parasites and diseases you aren’t supposed to eat because they aren’t really living things. They are animated, dead flesh that brings death with it.

The funny thing about fishing is that when things are going to die, many end up cast upon the shoreline where they can be seen of men. There they hop or flop around until they die and stinketh after about four days. And all who pass by know well enough not to eat of them. But when old religions and their traditions and ways die and have been proven to be rebellious (dead flesh), people are still trying to find, rediscover, and eat from them. The Egyptians worshipped idols and false gods including those amphibious as well as fishy. They all smell bad to the Father. They aren’t his way, his Son.

The good news is that the Father’s merciful Son makes all things new. He doesn’t throw away the dead and dying things. He transforms them into fertilizer. It’s just like the dung that Paul declared of all of his Jewish religious traditions and doctrines. Father does this in order to raise up something completely new that men can’t teach because they know not the fullness of his eternal Spirit. His Spirit is far superior, and all his ways are higher than ours.

Don’t you know that fish eat fish food—dessicated dead fish? What do men who cling to dying fleshly religious works and doctrines and interpretations say?

“THAT’S NOT the gospel of the Kingdom!”

Are you so certain what you are teaching is right? It isn’t the full gospel message, because all men know only in part. Only the Spirit of Messiah knows the whole gospel message. He is the only one who will introduce you to the Father and walk with you forever in his mercy.

Get out of the deep water, the Old Testament and be ye transformed by the Messiah who is standing upon the shoreline preparing the little fish. He’s the Son of the inheritance, which we receive by mercy and love. He is forgiveness. He is all of the fruits of the Spirit. And what he is doing is trying to create something new in you. First he catches the little fish and then he places the on the fire. They are transformed by the flames to become food for the fishers of men.

Eat his carefully prepared food and live and share it with your brethren, like he does. Stop and rest with him and then get up and walk and begin his works. Stop your fasting and feast upon him. He’s the Father’s Word made flesh in you.

Isaiah 58:4 – Behold, ye fast for strife and debate, and to smite with the fist of wickedness: ye shall not fast as ye do this day, to make your voice to be heard on high.

5 – Is it such a fast that I have chosen? a day for a man to afflict his soul? is it to bow down his head as a bulrush, and to spread sackcloth and ashes under him? wilt thou call this a fast, and an acceptable day to the LORD?

That’s not what he wants. Here is what he wants. It is the works of Messiah in us.

Isaiah 8:6 – Is not this the fast that I have chosen? to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke?

That is every yoke, including those put upon the people by the Father who was wrathful against rebellious people. We are not to be teaching the works of fleshly men whom God is angry with because their hearts aren’t loving toward their brethren. We are to teach the works of Messiah, whose heart is perfect toward his brethren. And get this. The religious men aren’t his brethren – yet. They can be, but he knows their hearts. They don’t and won’t repent. He calls them vipers and serpents.

Isaiah 8:7 – It is not to deal thy bread to the hungry, and that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thy house? when thou seest the naked, that thou cover him; and that thou cover him; and that thou hide not thyself from thine own flesh?

That is the fast we are to “do.” They are the works of the merciful hands of Messiah in us. We minister to all of the living.

Those who do not receive Messiah’s works by his Spirit and those who don’t love and serve him are like the Pharisees and Sadducees of old. The first believed in their works and traditions.  The second didn’t believe in the resurrection, so they thought they didn’t need a Messiah. Their scribes merely copied the things that their masters told them to record. Guess what the Word says about that?

Matthew 5:20 – For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the Kingdom of heaven.

We need to have righteousness that exceeds all of the scholars and religious men and their record keepers. We cannot transform our own flesh, even with the most learned men and women. We need the Spirit of Messiah within us to do his works in us.

We need the perfect priesthood and the highest priest. We need to dump our understanding of the priesthoods of flesh. We must transform our understanding by the Spirit of the Son. He’s going to transform us. He’s going to tell you how you should walk. No one in the flesh can tell you how to walk. They can only be an example of a portion of the body of Messiah. Find out from him what is to be your portion. Then go out and share that portion with others.

He doesn’t do away with the Law. He just transforms our understanding so that we can do right judgment and justice. He adds to our understanding of the Torah. He reveals the hidden portions in the New Testament of the Son. Those who are reading Moses, even unto today, have a veil upon their heart until they turn that heart toward the Father in his Son.

2 Corinthians 3:15 – But even unto this day, when Moses is read, the vail is upon their heart.

And so men travail. They do their own works to interpret Moses as well as Messiah. They can’t see that Messiah tore down the vail. It was rent in two. Don’t you go picking up one half of the vail and trying to become a hireling in the camp of Moses or anyone else. There is something you should know.

When a fetus in the womb is developing, the human heart is divided into four chambers. But only the top two chambers are used in utero. The blood goes through two shunts between the top two portions, and bypasses the bottom chambers, which are reserved for use when the child begins to breathe air after birth. It is kind of like the land bridge between that divided the red sea. Just before birth, one of the ports or passes closes. All that is left is a remnant that is marked with a small depression (like a scar or a little footprint). Once the child is born and breathes, the lungs oxygenate the blood through a process of exchange between all four chambers.

There is red blood that gets its color because of the breath. And there is blue blood that has lost its oxygen because it has been spent upon the body. But that blue blood returns to the heart to be reoxygenated by the breath. That’s what is going on in the body as well as the Spirit. Part of the body is depleted and part of the body is restored. The heartbeat, the electrical impulses which the Father controls, cause the body to draw breath and the body to function according to its design. But mankind designs things to apply to the body and within the body that interfere with his process, and the body is dying.

The Spirit of the Living God is here to do a new thing, because we have removed all of the life-giving breath from the blood. We are about to be given a Spiritual breath of fresh air which will bring about a great revival. What we do with it is our choice.

The Son desires for us to receive his breath of life, his Spirit, within our Spirit and body. Receive the breath of life that will resurrect your dead flesh into something beautiful. He will transform you by his Spirit so that he can live again in you both now, and forever.

Allow him to give you his interpretations of his Father’s Word. He is his Father’s Word made flesh. He will show you how he wants you to walk it out for him, according to his will. It is going to look different than the things that you have learned from fleshly men. It is going to be a higher priesthood, a higher walk and a more excellent way of love.

Your priesthood is going to fulfill you and give you the desires of your heart. You will stop striving in your flesh every day and you will rest in his. He will become your Sabbath rest on a daily basis. And you will do his works, not the works of men or their traditions or teachings. There will be some who will reject you and the new doctrine that you will bring, but they rejected Messiah first, so you are in good company.

Just come to him as a little child. Be the little fish. Allow yourself to be caught by the Spirit of Messiah. He will lift you out of the waters of the seas of men and he will place you on the fire. It will feel warm, but it will transform you into food for the souls of those who are weary of this world. Walk in him by faith and you will live forever.

How do we do that? We simply listen for his still small voice and we do what he tells us to do, by faith. It isn’t going to be the doctrines of men that you have learned from them. It is going to look different. It will be a new creation in you.

You can eat the dead things and life for a season in your flesh and then you will die. But if you eat that little nibble of living fish bait, you will live forever.

But don’t believe me. Meditate on the Word and call on the Father’s Spirit of his Living Son, the Messiah of his mercy and forgiveness. His Holy Spirit will lead you to all truth — His Father’s. It won’t be what men are teaching. It will be a whole, new him in you.

Or should I say hymn? That’s because he’s going to teach you a new song. It is a song of rejoicing in the resurrection of the Living Son, in whose Spirit you are going to be hidden for the day of judgment upon sinners. HalleluYAH for the Father’s Mercy endures forever.



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