One should think a disclaimer is unnecessary on a blog about the Creator, but hey, in case anyone needs that sort of thing, here it is.

Disclaimer: This blog site is offered to convey thoughts about biblical Scriptures and worldly and other worldly experiences, and should be considered purely opinion in nature. We urge you to search the Scriptures and seek the face of the One true Elohim who created all things, and who is working through these hands of clay to bring these topics for your consideration and discussion. Where you are led from here is between you and the One who created you. Use of this site constitutes your understanding that it is your individual responsibility to verify for yourself, any and all statements made herein. Do not rely upon what is posted here to determine your status before our Elohim. The author is a flawed human being like everyone else. The Word says that all have sinned. The author repented, repents in case of error, and continues to repent for errors if conviction occurs. Be forewarned that nothing posted is to be considered expert opinion. Even the human author admits their frailty and status as student in life. But that student has more than a half century of experience to draw from, and that’s not a small tree.

The One writing the blog posts is hidden on purpose in this season, so that prejudices won’t affect the reader. What will be revealed over time then will hopefully be an organic and interesting learning experience for all. Happy gleaning!

NOTE: Questions will be addressed based on their relevance to the topics presented with consideration to the Spirit in which they are asked. Those who do not identify themselves properly cannot expect to receive a response.

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Thank you in advance for your kindness and goodness.