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Coming Soon… our tiny shop that is budding with Bible-related and other unique items that are the works of the hands of believers in Messiah Yahusha. Please visit and help prosper all who help finance our little venture. None of us are hirelings. We freely receive the Word, so we freely give as much as we possibly can, but we rely upon the Father’s Laws of Love in sowing and reaping.

Living in a material world requires funds to help support bringing the Word to the world in printed and digital forms, which aren’t in and of themselves, free, because we have to pay for their publishing services. Yahusha had benefactors beginning with Chaldean astronomers (“wise” men) who brought gifts, including gold (as well as the herbs frankincense and myrrh). He also had the wife of a chief steward of king Herod’s own household helping provide for him! They gave offerings of their first, best gifts (Firstfruits) and also wages which they gave to help support Messiah in his walk.

Luke 8:3 – And the wife of Chuza Herod’s steward, and Susanna, and many others, which ministered unto him of their substance.

Chuza means “the seer.” She was the wife of a servant of a worldly king, but who was a seer, a prophet. He was there when the Chaldean wise men spoke to Herod, and who himself identified the prophet being spoken about. He told his wife about the newborn babe. Later on when Yahusha began his ministry, the man’s wife left the king’s household to follow the future Messiah. (We don’t know, but her husband may have left as well.) The wages her husband earned (at least in part) helped sustain Yahusha’s ministry.

True believers recognize the King where and when he speaks through his servants. Those who are his vessels may be confident that Messiah’s followers will help to support them as they minister to the lost. The Spirit of the Living Word made flesh, the Spirit of Messiah in those he speaks through, was, is, and will be his means to speak to all of the living people of the world. His faithful and devoted vessels still need support today just as Messiah did when he himself walked on the face of this Earth, speaking to his disciples who had not yet received the outpouring of the Father’s Holy Spirit. Messiah Yahusha said:

“Behold I make all things new.”

He did. Now his Spirit enters into the faithful and speaks through their voices and through the works of their hands — in the ones he chooses to enter, as His Spirit is a gift.

We keep our fees low for all the works of our hands to the King that we make from the talents and goods with which we are and have been blessed. We do this with the hope of making only a modest income that will sustain us and through which we may bless others. And we endeavor to deliver the pure gospel of the King, the Everlasting Gospel of Peace that unites souls, not the gospels and doctrines that men have created, which divide.

Since we operate on a shoe latchet budget of the One whose latchets we are unworthy to tie, from time to time we need to replace our own sandals. Therefore we know that if we ask, we will receive. So we ask you to prayerfully consider giving to this tiny endeavor of the heart. May Yahuwah bless you for your kindness and may what you sow fruitfully return to you with a bountiful increase!

Thank you for your support. We truly appreciate you. Please glean and fly and go and tell others that the prophet is here!



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