A simple meal

Here's A Good Word For Every Day. Shema. It is a Hebrew word that means "hear and obey." Here's a fuller translation according to the Holy Spirit. It really means "hear and obey by faith." It means to listen and to do something, by faith. True faith is NOT entirely what man teaches. It's a portion of the Father's truth. … Continue reading A simple meal


Pondering the humble vessel

Today's Word is very humble indeed. But it is simply this concept. There is nothing that we can do for ourselves. We are purposed for the Almighty's hands. Not even a single breath or heartbeat that we have is controlled by us. As our God so divinely reminds us, not one of us can add … Continue reading Pondering the humble vessel

Passover – Strong Meat for the Warriors of Today’s Kingdom

EAT THIS PORTION AND LIVE. Do you preach about war cries? Do you preach about Spiritual Warfare? Do you preach love on the one hand and on the other you are holding the door open for people who don't agree with your teachings? You are preaching self-righteousness, not HIS righteousness. You preach about Love and … Continue reading Passover – Strong Meat for the Warriors of Today’s Kingdom