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Fish Out Of Water Or So It Seems

When is a fish a fish? When people say that it is. But what does our Creator say? I am amazed at how searching in the Scriptures for the truth in Father's Word can turn up so many treasures if we are willing to rightly divide the Word. It's kind of like our pond in … Continue reading Fish Out Of Water Or So It Seems

One Word

YHVH. YHWH. Tetragrammaton? Yehovah, YeHoVaH, Yehovah of Hosts, Yahuwah, Yahuah, Yahweh, Jehovah, God, G-d, Almighty, Father, Most High, Elohim, El-Roi, El-Shaddai, Ehyeh, Yahshua, Abba, Adonai, Ancient of Days, the Light, Joshua, Ἰησοῦς, Iēsous, Jesus...Geezus, Mary and Joseph! What's in a name? Only One. But that One is everything! There are so many titles that man has … Continue reading One Word