To The Organic Word!

Here all people are welcome to feed upon spiritual matters, without needing an understanding of Scriptures, a congregational membership or a Seminary degree. What we offer with tiny clay hands is brought by the Spirit of the One who created all things. He is the great I AM, the author of the Hebrew faith, the roots of Christianity, and the finisher of the faith that is and is to come. At this bog site, the Holy Spirit is allowed to flow in an organic means. In short, whatever he desires to communicate is begun and journeyed through and followed up with our best efforts to reveal his hidden treasures.

Sometimes the topics wind around a bit before they get to the point. Other times they are short and sweet and get right to the heart of the matter, which is always what is the matter with man. The key is to simply remain patient and willing to receive all that the Father that you understand him to be to you wishes to reveal to you. Whether you are aware of it or not, he is bringing all people toward a consensus view of who he wants us to believe him to be. And while there are many manmade religious doctrines of all kinds, all of which have pagan roots (including no religion and scientific doctrines), we as humans need to get over ourselves already and get ready for what the Almighty is bringing forth in this season.

That’s the organic nature of the process here. What you think you are going to read about is not necessarily what you will read about. Nevertheless, there are wonderful lessons in his revelations that can apply to the flesh as well as the Spirit. It is all about being willing to be used as a vessel. So in faith, let’s step forward and see where his hands are leading. But in order to know where we are going, we first have to return to the place where this thing called “faith” first began. We begin at the beginning, with the “father” of faith, the first man who actually heard the voice of the Father speaking to him and who believed him and trusted him enough to obey that voice.

That first man was Abram. His name is transformed over time, but we don’t see the Son of the Most High God fully revealed until the writings of the “New” Testament. We only see prophets and peoples emerging from the pages of Scripture as well as occasionally from the shifting sands of the Arabian, Egyptian and other deserts. 

Nevertheless, the great I AM is the Father of the Old Testament’s Abraham, Isaac and Jacob of the Bible and Hebrew Scriptures, as well as the Creator and Maker of all of the other characters born before that time even unto today. Indeed he is the Creator and Maker of all things seen and unseen. The Earth and all there is upon, within and without are his, no matter what we call either it or him.

The Hebrew to English translated tetragrammaton, his four letter “name” is recorded as “YHVH” or “YHWH,” depending upon your orthodoxy. He’s known by many names, but here we call him Yahuah, Abba, Elohim, The Almighty God, The Most High, or simply Our (Heavenly) Father. His Living Word made flesh is his Son, the first human God/man and the resurrected prophet many have come to know of as the Hebrew or Christian Messiah. But the trouble is that many people who are immersed in the Hebrew Scriptures don’t believe that Jesus is who the Scriptures says he is. They’re still awaiting another prophet as their Savior.

In the Hebrew “tongue,” the Almighty’s namesake, his Son, loosely translates as “Yahusha” or “Yeshua.” This name has also been translated across the centuries into the “Jesus” we find in today’s Christian Bibles. The “namesake” of the Father basically means “YeHoVaH is salvation” and other interpretations of a similar order. “Properly” translated from Hebrew to English, Yahusha is more like Joshua, but that doesn’t seem to matter to the Most High, because he knows the believer’s heart and it doesn’t matter if a person doesn’t know his name. When we call out to the great “I AM,” he answers.

Until he introduces himself to you, just do the very best that you can, and be respectful please, for that is pleasing to him. Whoever you are, when you call, he answers. When you knock, he opens. When you seek, you find him. He comes to know each of his people at the very level they have reached in that portion of growth in their life journey. And he begins and continues to teach us to the level we are willing to hear his voice and to receive his instructions and obey what he asks us to do.

The God of the Hebrew Scriptures seems to be a wrathful, vengeful, angry God who demands his people to tow the line or be killed. What we are seeing is actually his wrath upon unrepentant sinners, so that we’ll we aware of the limits of his wrath. Somehow he has to set the boundary lines, the wall of the fortress that divides his people on Earth from the savages who live outside of the protective wall. But even God’s wrath has a day where it is exhibited and then it dies. Think of God’s wrath as a secret place where he has thoughts that he would love to act upon (and will), but he repents and defers his anger for another day because his heart is loving and merciful. When push comes to shove, Father is perfectly able to put a stop to all of man’s nonsense. That anger and wrath ends on the day that his Son takes all of the Father’s wrath upon himself as an innocent Lamb who is slain so that we may have the hope of a righteous resurrection by our repentance of our sins and his forgiveness.

Our Heavenly Father’s transformed heart is loving and kind. It is the portion of the Father who understands what it is like to be human. He never demands that we do anything, although he is perfectly able to make his points known, and those points can certainly hurt us for a season. However, his instructions, his rules, although broken into hundreds of pieces in his Word that can be seen by men, to the innumerable portions that are yet unseen and to come, his Word is his Law. What the Father speaks, he means, no matter what divine time zone you live in.

And that’s the problem. What we see and “hear” today in the Spirit or in our flesh doesn’t necessarily have the very same application as what people of “old” heard and saw in their day, and yet the Word never changes. How is this possible? We’re going to find out. And what he seems to be revealing to us today is that it is man’s perspective that needs to change. That perspective is one of a heart of stone and a stiff neck to that of flesh and a neck that turns the direction of the Son when he walks by, like a sunflower turns its head toward the warm rays of the sun on a wonderful Summer day.

However, the Father’s Holy Spirit, who is the Living Son of the Resurrection will help you understand how to make the right choices from his perspective. He will also lovingly and patiently correct you if and when you wrongly choose. He’s the helper. He’s not the agent of condemnation. The one who accuses the brethren is Satan himself, our adversary. The Spirit of Messiah us a facilitator of transformation: a Holy Spiritual change agent.

So many things “of God” and what we’ve been taught by man for centuries has been replaced, usurped and sometimes entirely lost, but that is hardly an issue to the Most High God. That’s because as we learn of him, we find that he is ultimately in control of everything in this universe of his, both seen and unseen. All that mankind thinks he or she knows about this thing called faith or even what constitutes the entirety of the Holy Scriptures (Bible) of any translation is necessarily perfect, no matter how people of flesh translate or transcribe it. That’s because the Almighty Father is far greater than we are. ALL his ways are higher than man’s. That means that as high as man can attain in his understanding of what and who he thinks is our Creator, the Most High God is far above that level.

There are a lot of people over millenniums who have been teaching the “truth” as they see it. As Pontius Pilate said before Yahusha (Jesus’) face when he found him innocent:

“What is truth?”

The truth looks different to every person. However, the consensus of the human body of believers is what is generally considered to be truth. Those things are considered to be moral and righteous and good — at least to the level of decent humanity. And what does decent humanity do when they learn that something can no longer be held to as the truth? We must transform our understanding to that which is higher and more moral and righteous. What do we do when the truth as we know it isn’t right?

It’s left.

Like a certain dearly departed internationally-known twentieth-century singer, it’s time we all left the buildings we’ve huddled in for centuries for a season and headed for greener pastures of the foothills and fields of the Good Shepherd. There we’ll put our hands to the plow and walk out, and work out our faith in our right minds, with fear and trembling before a holy Elohim whom none can say him nay.

Spiritually speaking, people have been literally out of their minds ever since we left the Garden of Eden roughly 6,000 years ago. That was by design though, because all things have a beginning, and faith and life itself is a journey of growth in body and Spirit. But like men who have tampered with the global food supply, our faith has become blighted and stunted by the tamperings of well-meaning “holy” men who themselves lack the right spiritual food.

We’re stepped on, wounded, left out in the cold, occasionally watered or more rarely remembered by those we have trusted to train us in spiritual matters. Mostly we’ve had to rely upon ourselves to find a better spiritual direction, and that’s the problem. We can only learn so much by what we experience in the natural realm. We need the input of the supernatural to understand supernatural things. Men who are led by men will eventually become lost.

We all know that prideful men hate asking for directions! We are all prideful people who want to make our own choices in life, but the truth is that we need the Father and his Living Word he sent to give us proper direction. And as he always has done and remains doing today, he is calling and leading his sheep into his fold because feeding time in the field has ended.

People are in grave danger of being lost in the garden of iniquity. Those who are supposed to grow up as wheat are being trained up in the ways of the tares. They may not easily depart from those ways if their roots are too deeply entrenched. Far too long we’ve relied upon man to teach what the Bible (Word) says, when the One who divinely wrote and reveals it through hands of clay patiently waits for us to ask:

Who are you up there, and what am I supposed to be doing down here?

He replies:

What are you building? Who are you lifting up? Who are you following? Who is the voice that is leading you? Can you hear me now?

The One who made us, by his Word and Spirit is our only intercessor, our only compass, our One true North. But men and women call each other their true north. I don’t know if you have ever been told this, but the Earth is tilted on its axis! Father’s Word says:

1 John 2:27 – But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.

This means we abide in the Holy Spirit of our Elohim. We take direction from the hands of the clay vessels who are his holy messengers calling all people to gather and learn of him by his Spirit. We are not to follow the gatherer; just the Spirit that leads the gatherer, and just as long as that Spirit is the One sending his Word, and his interpretations.

John 10:27 – My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

Once you get the hang of the teachings and learn to hear from him yourself, you’re on your way! But the journey begins with hearing a purified written Word (taken from modern Bible translations) that is cleansed by the Spirit of I AM, and is presented in this invisible field of cloudy skies.

While Satan is the prince of the powers of the air, there is another side to that sword that he wields, because when the usurper is overcome, the one wielding the sword changes. And to the victor goes the spoils of war. The one who wins the battle writes the historical outcome.

We have already read the back of the book, but guess what? The LORD of mercy doesn’t want anything from this Earth except for his people. They are his portion, whom he gathers for his Kingdom which is not of this world. But until that day, here those who are faithful to the Master of the Heavenly field yet to come are born to plow and prepare the field for the harvest of the souls for the last great day.

The prayer in this space of divine revelation filtered through a human body of opinion and conjecture is for the pure in heart to glean and grow as they learn a small portion of their purpose and inheritance in the Son of the Father, the Great I AM. May the Spirit of the One inspiring the messages and interpretations prevail, as the voice of man falls away and we learn and grow in the way of peace that our Father designed from the very beginning.

Enjoy this Simplified Scripture Revelation for Simple People with Higher Hearts.

Please join us in the journey by faith as we take steps together on the path of his righteous, hopefully in the right direction. We can never be entirely certain of what we hear. We can only do the very best we can and check what we hear against the Scriptures, to ensure that the Spirit we are hearing, is loving, righteous, and producing ripe Spiritual fruit that transforms all it touches.

And as he promises, the I AM will be with us every step of the way, making our path straight. You’ll find that he’s patient, loving, kind, and waiting for us to walk forward by faith. He promises that his yoke is easy and his burden light. I can tell you that as soon as you stop striving against the Word, the easier this walk becomes.

Let’s ask, seek, knock, hop on the rock, and roll like the lively stones (and unleavened bread) we are meant to be…